Charlotte Flair has been a huge deal in WWE for many years now. She’s constantly made it point that she is a self-made WWE superstar who just hasn’t been handed the success she’s worked hard for. Even after her constant striving for perfections, haters still find their reasons to criticize the WWE diva.

Flair has been dealing with negative criticism ever since her debut in the ring. Now that she’s about to fight against her biggest, baddest opponent on WWE WrestleMania 38, Flair has once again an opportunity to prove to her fans that she is for real.

Flair appeared on the WrestleRant Radio show while sitting opposite to host Graham “GSM” Matthews. When she was asked about her own perception of how her fans view her, she said that she doesn’t get the appreciation for the kind of work she puts in.

I have been on top since 2015, whether I’ve been holding the title or not. People don’t realize how much pressure and hard work and dedication and I’ve never been about for a lengthy time. I’ve never had a major injury and to be able to stay on top like that is a tremendous amount of work in our industry. Instead of looking at it as a positive, like ‘Wow, what a consistent performer, what a hard-worker,’ it’s just, ‘Ugh, she’s always in the title picture, she always has the title.’


Flair added that men don’t go through the same ordeal of handling toxic criticism like she does. She added that while being in the pro-wrestling business, you have to be driven towards being the champion.

I don’t think the same criticism always goes toward men being in the title picture. In this business, you want to be the champion. It’s not like you wake up and say, ‘Today, I don’t want to be the champion.’ No, you should always want to be the champion. That means you’re the hardest worker in the room when you’re holding that title. Yes, I don’t understand the criticism sometimes, but at the same time, my haters make me that much better.

Charlotte Flair also talked about other aspects of her in-ring experience. While she is about to go toe to toe against Ronda Rousey, she said that having her around is always positive.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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