Danhausen became an internet sensation thanks to his excellent character work and the ability to become viral thanks to his numerous vlogs and videos in general. Danhausen seemed like he was on a rocket ship to wrestling stardom when he suffered an unfortunate broken leg during a match on Halloween.

Danhausen is excited to demonstrate why he is Elite. Danhausen was a guest on the most recent episode of the AEW Unrestricted podcast. The wrestler, who is both lovely and nasty, provided an update on his leg ailment, which has kept him out of action since October.

Recovery is going good, we have wonderful doctors at AEW to help Danhausen every single week. He’s great, his name is Josh, he’s got a mustache. Hopefully one day when Danhausen recovers he can have a mustache of his own. Yes, so Danhausen has a metal rod in his leg. He had broken his tibia and fibula, this fellow had crashed down upon Danhausen’s leg and snapped it in two. He heard a ‘pop, pop’ and said, ‘Oh good, this is wonderful…’ and he rolled to the side of the ring. I believe this is the only time that Danhausen has sworn publicly, and then what happened… we went to the hospital, that was nice. Now we had surgery a week later I believe, now every single week we’re trying to recover it and I think we’re getting pretty close. Fingers crossed.

Tony Schiavone then inquired about Danhausen’s return to the ring. While he didn’t provide a firm answer, he did provide some information. Danhausen teased whether he should surprise people. It seems we are very close to his in-ring return.


Who knows? Should we surprise people? Here’s the thing — people tweet at Danhausen. They go, ‘When are you wrestling?’ as though I’m going to spoil it. So I don’t know. Maybe soon? Hopefully, soon. We shall wait until mustached Josh says so. Soon though, sooner than later.

Danhausen had a surgical procedure to fix the broken leg. He’s been in physical therapy recovering ever since. Now, it seems like things are starting to get back to normal for him. Everyone at Ringside News hopes Danhausen makes his return soon and can once again entertain us with his very nice and very evil ways.

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