Danhausen is All Elite. Fanhausens around the globe have been waiting to hear those words for quite some time. The very nice, very evil star recently signed with Tony Khan’s company to the delight of fans and the confusion of those who aren’t familiar with the mysterious man from someplace far away.

On this week’s AEW Control Center, Danhausen offered an introduction. He teased that he was looking for a faction to align himself with and went through several options. In the end, Danhausen said it doesn’t matter where he ends up, because his fans will end up loving him.

“So, you might be wondering, who is Danhausen and why is he at All Elite Wrestling? Danhausen will tell you. Danhausen, very nice, very evil, very famous, and now, very Elite. And we come here to be on television. The number one professional wrestling television show in the universe.

So, become super famous, super rich, Danhausen has decided to make this his home. So, who knows where Danhausen will be. It’ll be with his good friends, perhaps they shall become very evil. We’ll see what those House of Black members are doing or whatever, quite scary, but whatever. We’ll see. Perhaps the Dark Order, who knows? They’re pretty evil, they seem kind of nice, too. Maybe we’ll go with Mega Money Matt Hardy! He’s got lots of moneys. Who knows, maybe we’ll join Chris Judas or whatever. He’s pretty good friends with Danhausen. We’ll see.


But, one thing is for certain. You will love that Danhausen. Or, you’ll be cursed!”

Danhausen has been recovering from a broken leg and hasn’t competed in an AEW ring to this point. That moment could be coming soon, but Danhausen has been keeping the details close to his evil black vest. Time will tell who Danhausen aligns himself with in AEW. Fans who choose not to love that Danhausen will have to deal with the cursed consequences.

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Michael Perry

Michael Perry is a news contributor for Ringside News and Thirsty for News. Michael has an M.A. in Communication Technology from Point Park University in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.

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