WWE Hall Of Famer Lita is certainly one of the pioneers of women’s wrestling in the pro wrestling world. She has paved the way for future generations of female pro wrestlers. She also gave Sonya Deville great advice by the looks of it.

The WWE Hall of Famer returned to WWE television earlier this year, where she competed in the Women’s Royal Rumble match. She also had a great match against Becky Lynch at the WWE Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event.

Lita and Sonya Deville’s relationship goes way back as Deville was a competitor and Lita was a coach on the 6th season of Tough Enough. While speaking to Ryan Satin on Out of Character, Sonya Deville talked about her relationship with Lita. Deville revealed that Lita gave her the best piece of advice ever.

“I was talking to her that whole week [of Elimination Chamber in Saudi Arabia]. We were together in the same hotel and everything, and we were talking and I was like, ‘What a full circle moment it would be if we ever had a match.’ Just because she was — I’ll never forget this. I wanted to say this on something too. She gave me the best piece of advice I’ve ever gotten. It was important and good because it stuck in my head from seven-and-a-half years ago.


But she pulled me aside during Tough Enough because she saw that I was really intense, to say the least, like I wear my heart on my sleeve. Everything is like 1,000% or nothing. It’s just how I’m wired. so she saw me kind of like, really sensing what was going on around me and she pulled me aside and she’s like, listen, ‘Take this serious, but don’t take it serious at all.’ I was so confused by that statement at the time. Then, As the years passed, it made so much sense. You know, she’s like, she was trying to tell me, like, take it serious and do your job and be professional, but at the same time, like, relax and realize that it’s all fun, and have fun with it and chill, because, if not, the moments gonna pass you by. I’ve kind of kept that advice with me all these years.”

Both Sonya Deville and Lita lost their respective matches at the WWE Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event. We’ll have to see if Lita will make a return to WWE eventually as well.

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