Nikkita Lyons is one of the hottest stars in NXT 2.0 right now. She made her WWE debut on 205 Live back in December 2021 against Amari Miller. Before she signed with WWE, she has worked in various other promotions, including Women of Wrestling (WOW).

While busy making her name in NXT 2.0, Nikkita also takes time off to interact with her fans on Twitter.

Lyons took to Twitter today to share a picture of herself posing like a lioness in front of the camera. The 22-year-old donned a revealing yellow outfit in a dark-lit setting with her hands out like the paws of a lion. Giving a powerful glare, NXT 2.0 debutante seems to be roaring in the photograph.

Nikkita captioned her picture;

Lyons don’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep 😴🦁✨

In another recent interaction on Twitter, Nikkita Lyon revealed that she went to high school with AEW Tag Team Champion, Jungle Boy. Following her revelation, Jungle Boy responded to her tweet with a turtle emoji.

As we wait to see what becomes of this young star, Lyons certainly has been getting a great reaction from fans both on and off the ring. It wouldn’t be a reach to assume that she might be called to the WWE main roster.

Check out Nikkita’s tweets below.

Bhupen Dange

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