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Tonight’s mini NXT PPV comes less than three week from the Stand & Deliver show during WrestleMania weekend. As such it seems a little odd to have some of these big matches happen tonight, but hopefully that just means we can expect even bigger things in April. The main event tonight is the Triple Threat bout between Bron Breakker, Tommaso Ciampa, and Dolph Ziggler with the NXT Championship on the line. Which man do you think walks into Stand & Deliver as Champion?

Elsewhere tonight, Imperium will defend the NXT Tag Team Championships against the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic winners, The Creed Brothers; LA Knight will face Grayson Waller in a Last Man Standing Match; and the women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic rolls on with our two semi-final match-ups taking place.

And that’s the preview for tonight’s NXT Roadblock. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!



NXT Roadblock is opening with some action as we head right into Dusty Cup tag team action. Toxic Attraction are sitting in the Toxic Lounge to watch this one play out.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic


Cora Jade & Raquel Gonzalez Vs. Dakota Kai & Wendy Choo

The fans are, inexplicably, chanting for Wendy as the match begins and she takes Jade down. Cora fights up and jumps over her but Choo then lays down and tries to get a nap in, so jade tip-toes over and tags Raquel while the commentators whisper. Raquel tries to sneakily elbow drop Choo but Wendy rolls out of the way. Gonzalez picks Choo up on her shoulders and spins around and around to make her dizzy.

Jade tags in and beats Choo into the corner before Kai tags in and takes control. The camera goes back to the Toxic Lounge but now only Mandy Rose is there, Gigi and Jacy are missing. Kai drops Jade for a two-count, then her and Wendy make quick tags and stomp Jade down in the corner. Kai and Choo sweep Jade off her feet and Dakota kicks her in the head before Wendy lands an elbow drop.

Choo and Jade roll around the ring in a small package, both vying for the pinfall. Jade is dragged out by Kai and Wendy looks for a baseball slide but Jade avoids it. Kai teams with Choo to send Jade into the apron but then Raquel shows-up and Kai looks terrified. Suddenly Gigi and Jacy show-up from behind and hit Raquel with something in the leg. Choo gets Dakota back into the ring and Dakota is talking to herself on the floor.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and Gonzalez hasn’t made it back to the apron yet – during the break doctors told her to stop but she refused. Jade fights up from a submission and hits a sunset flip for a two-count. Jade wants to tag out but Raquel isn’t there. Choo tags in and Cora lands a flurry of clotheslines, an enziguiri, and a running kne in the corner, followed by another knee for a near-fall.

Kai tags back in and teams with Choo to hit a facebuster for a two-count. Jade drops Dakota and finally gets to tag Raquel, who runs in with clotheslines to both Kai and Choo. Raquel hits a one-leg body slam for a two-count. Kai counters Raquel to hit a backbreaker, then looks for the Kaio Kick but stops herself. After some arguing with herself, Kai hits the Kaio Kick and tags Choo. Wendy hits a splash and Kai follows-up with a double stomp off the top and they win!

Winners: Dakota Kai & Wendy Choo

Tommaso Ciampa cuts a promo backstage in which he says he’s a 3X NXT Champion but this one feels different. Maybe it’s because he feels that Dolph is trying to tear down everything he’s built, or maybe it’s because he’s got a new-found respect for Bron Breakker. This match is huge and means more than the NXT Championship, which is something he thought he’d never say. If he wins tonight he will go into Stand & Deliver as the main event, a feeling he’s had before and one he craves again. Never before has the gap between number one and number two been so substantial and make no mistake about it, he’s number one.

The camera’s rush outside the building where The Creed Brothers are down and writhing in pain with a couple of lead pipes lying nearby. Roderick Strong, Macolm Bivens, Ivy Nile and some referees run up and check on them. Their Tag Title match tonight seems in jeopardy.

*Commercial Break*

Tiffany Stratton Vs. Fallon Henley

The match gets underway with a lock-up and Henley grabs a wristlock. Stratton turns the tables but gets thrown off. Stratton counters an arm-drag but gets caught with a dropkick. Stratton drops Henley on the bottom rope and jumps on her for a two-count. Henley chops Tiffany and hits a backbreaker/clothesline combination.

Henley connects with a back elbow in the corner and wants a bulldog but Stratton catches her and throws her up for a Samoan drop. Smoke appears on the ramp and the referee and the wrestlers get distracted. Suddenly Sarray appears from behind Stratton and kicks her in the back. Henley then hits Stratton with a shining wizard for a shock win!

Winner: Fallon Henley

We’re back in Chase University for another lesson. Andre Chase tells his students that they let him down last week with a crappy entrance but it’s a teachable moment. He says Bodhi Hayward did a great job last week and took one for the team – Hayward thanks him and his eye is practically swollen shut. One of the other students says Bodhi’s eye is looking nasty and Chase flips out, telling im he’s not a doctor and swearing, then throws a basketball at him.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back with Trick Williams, Carmelo Hayes and their buddies in the barbershop. Hayes says he’s gone through just about everyone and it’s not easy making all of them relevant. Hayes says he has the gold and so he makes the rules. He’s been climbing the rungs to the top, so why not run it back to the beginning with a ladder match. Trick suggests a five-man match and his four opponents will need to qualify. Trick asks him to choose a safer match but Hayes says he’s going with a ladder match because he can and to prove he’s the greatest Champion ever.

It’s time for a rare episode of Lashing Out with Lash Legend. He guest tonight is Nikkita Lyons. Legend asks about Nikkita’s journey and says her father was a rockstar and her mother was a groupie, but was she everyone’s groupie. Lyons says her mother is a free spirit and she taught her not to judge others. Legend gets mad and says Lyons thinks she’s a big deal but the only reason she was trending was because of those butt implants. Lyons gets up and says she’s all women and they argue as the show ends.

Imperium are interviewe backstage and Marcel Barthel says there is no way they would attack The Creed Brothers, they’re more honourable than that. Aichner says the Creed’s talk a big game but clearly they weren’t ready tonight, just like they said. MSK walk-up and say if the spot is open they’ll be happy to take Imperiums titles tonight.

*Commercial Break*

Brooks and Jensen are celebrating with Henley backstage. Legado Del Fantasma walk past and Brooks and Jensen confront them, asking if they attacked The Creed Brothers in the parking lot. Santos and Co. deny it and remind Brooks and Jensen that they lost to the Creed’s in the Dusty Cup.

Last Man Standing

LA Knight Vs. Grayson Waller

LA Knight runs up the ramp and attacks Waller as he’s making his entrance. Knight lifts and drops Grayson onto the barricade, then runs him into the ring apron. Knight grabs a trash can from under the ring but Waller kicks him before he can use it. Knight reverses an Irish whip and sends Waller into the steel steps, then posts on them.

Knight gets Waller in the ring and hits a catapult to choke him on the ring ropes. Knight beats Grayson down in the corner with stomp after stomp, then connects with a running knee. The referee starts counting but Waller is up at the count of three. Waller counters Knight and hits a Stun Gun. Grayson delivers a few knees to the head and the referee begins the count. As Knight gets to a knee, Waller elbows him.

Knight sends Waller over the ropes but gets hit with a backbreaker on the ropes. Waller swiftly dives through the ropes to hit a rolling stunner and Knight is down. The referee counts but Knight gets to his feet using the ropes. Knight looks for a BFT but Waller counters and hits an elbow to the jaw. Waller goes to the top rope but Knight leaps up and hits a quick superplex and both men are down. Knight hits the BFT and the referee counts.

The referee gets to the count of seven but Waller rolls from the ring to get on his feet. Knight lifts him up onto the apron and forearms him in the chest, then clotheslines him off to the floor. Knight goes between the ropes to grab Grayson but the wily Australian hits him in the head with a trash can. Waller grins and takes a trash can lid into the ring as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and they’ve fought their way up onto the platform above the crowd. Waller tries to toss Knight off but he gets countered and LA knocks him off into the abyss! Knight makes his way back down to the ring as the fans chant but then Sanga appears carrying Waller. Knight hits Sanga with a chair to the back but he no-sells it.

Waller and Sanga team to beat Knight down and Grayson has a pair of handcuffs. He looks to cuff Knight to the ring post but LA fights him off and cuffs Sanga to the post! Waller tries to beg for mercy but Knight clotheslines him down and whips him chest-first into the corner followed by a neckbreaker. Knight with a powerslam, then looks for the BFT but Waller rakes the eyes and bails from the ring.

Waller goes out of the ring and looks to hit the rolling stunner through the ropes again, but this time Knight catches him and throws him over the ropes through a table! The fans chant “holy $hit” as the referee counts. He gets to the count of nine and Waller is able to use the barricade to get himself up, then falls back down. Knight goes out and tees-off with right hands as the fans chant along.

Knight grabs a steel chair but Grayson begs for mercy. Knight says this is for all this time, but then drops the cair and kicks him in the face. Knight puts a trash can over Grayson’s head and whacks him with a steel chair. He then beats the trash can over-and-over with the chair, before turning his attention to Sanga and hitting him a half dozen times as well.

Knight removes the top off the annouce desk, then drags Waller around and aims to put him through the desk. Waller hits Knight across the head with a shoehorn or something akin, then puts Knight on the announce desk. Waller climbs to the top of the ropes and hits a flying elbow drop to put Knight through the desk! Both men are down and the referee starts his count. He reaches eight and Waller drags himself up using Sanga leaning on the ring post and Knight can’t make it.

Winner: Grayson Waller

Bron Breakker cuts a promo backstage in which he says he knows he’s the least experienced of the three tonight. He doesn’t have the accolades or the intelligence of the other two. But he’s the guy who shows up first, works the hardest, and leaves last. He looks at his NXT Championship and thinks about how many days he’s held it, who held it before him, and what it stands for. So it means everything to him to win tonight and walk into Stand & Deliver as NXT Champion.

*Commercial Break*

We see Tony D’Angelo in his cousin Mikey’s Italian restaurant. He says it’s high time NXT start running on his watch. NXT Stand & Deliver, the whole world will be watching, and they’re going to see the new Don of NXT.

It’s time for another semi-final match-up in the Dusty Cup. Mandy Rose is back in the Toxic Lounge to watch this one but she’s alone. Her butlers have been taken out and replaced by Malik Blade and Edris Enofe who provide her with wine and grapes.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic


Kay Lee Ray & Io Shirai Vs. Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter

The match gets underway with Kayden and Ray, and Carter takes control early. Carter mocks Ray before tagging Catanzaro for some fast-paced tag team action. Ray rolls to her corner and tags Shirai and Catanzaro attempts a headscissors but she lands on her feet. Kacy hits a Frankensteiner pin but Io kicks out. Catanzaro then hits a headscissors into a pin but again Io kicks out.

Mandy Rose has seemingly noticed her butlers have been replaced and she looks weirded-out by Enofe and Blade, who’re just staring and smiling. All four women come together in the ring and start brawling but Kacy and Kayden clear them out. They then dive over the ropes onto them and pose on the apron together as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

We return live to see Kayden counter Shirai and hit a DDT. Kacy tags in and beats Shirai into the corner, then hits a rolling facebuster for a near-fall. Kayden tags in and tries to flip Kacy onto Shirai but Io gets her knees up. Shirai then drops Kayden on the middle rope and connects with a 619 before heading up top for a dropkick.

Kay Lee Ray tags in and drops Kacy face-first, but Carter comes back with a springboard bulldog for a near-fall. All four women are down in the ring. Kayden grabs Ray in a neckbreaker hold and tags Kacy who goes up top, but Ray shoves Carter into Catanzaro. Io and Ray climb the ropes and grab Kacy but Carter returns and throws Io out of the ring.

Carter gets Ray on her shoulders and then Catanzaro climbs on top of Ray’s shoulders and hits a super poisonrana! Shirai rushes in and knocks Carter over onto Kacy and Ray to break the pinfall. Carter it send to the outside and Ray hits a gory bomb, then tags Shirai for her patened asai moonsault and they score the pinfall to advance to the final of the Dusty Cup.

Winners; Io Shirai & Kay Lee Ray

We see Mandy Rose in the Toxic Lounge applauding but she’s suddenly attacked by Cora Jade and the butlers have to separate them.

Indi Hartwell is backstage watching her most recent tag loss on an iPad when Persia Pirotta and Duk Hudson walk-up. Pirotta talks about how great their weekend was and Indi is angry. Hartwell asks if she even cares that they got knocked out of the cup. They start arguing about who’s better than who and Duke tries to get involved but Indi storms off.

*Commercial Break*

Tiffany Stratton is interviewed backstage and says next week she isn’t going to just break Sarray’s necklace, she’s going to break her face.

NXT Tag Team Championships

(C) Imperium Vs. MSK

Nash Carter starts with Marcel Barthel and the latter takes the former down and grabs an ankle-lock. Nash gets free and avoids Barthel in the corner to hit a dropkick. Carter avoids a clothesline but gets dropped by a European uppercut. Barthel grabs a headlock but Carter hits a jawbreaker and tags Lee for some double-team offense.

Lee lands some strikes but Barthel drops him with a right hand and tags Aichner. Lee ducks under Aichner and kicks him in the chest. Lee slaps him in the face but then then Aichner catches him in mid-air and roughly body slams Lee into the ropes. Aichner attacks the leg but Lee eventually gets away and hits some kicks and an enziguiri. Carter tags back in for a double-team dropkick. Aichner regains control quickly with a stiff clothesline and tags Barthel.

Carter fights free from a submission and drops Barthel. He wants a tag but Barthel whips him to his own corner. Carter knocks Aichner off the apron, ducks under Barthel and tags Lee. Wes comes in hot with forearms and kicks to Barthel, then a springboard moonsault. Carter dives off the apron onto Aichner but then Barthel catches Lee with a backbreaker. Suddenly Brutus and Julius Creed appear and attack Nash and Barthel on the floor.

No Contest

The Creed Brothers demolish MSK and Imperium and are the only team standing as the fans chant their name.

Draco Anthony is working out backstage when Harland and Joe Gacy appear. Gacy says he knows Draco has been considering joining the and he implores him to do it. Anthony looks conflicted.

*Commercial Break*

NXT Championship

(C) Bron Breakker Vs. Tommaso Ciampa Vs. Dolph Ziggler

The main event gets underway and Ziggler bails from the ring. Breakker and Ciampa look to go after him but Ciampa then hits Breakker and rolls him up and Dolph returns to break it. Breakker whips Dolph chest-first into the buckles, then Ciampa ducks under a flying shoulder tackle from Bron. Ciampa chops Ziggler, then Breakker.

Ziggler jumps at Breakker but gets caught with a spinebuster, then he drops Ciampa with a clothesline. Bron hits Ziggler and Ciampa with a double suplex but then gets sent out of the ring. Ciampa and Ziggler go back-and-forth until Tommaso catapults Dolph into the buckles and he rolls to the outside, then dives over the ropes onto Breakker.

Ciampa gets both men back inside and connects with repeated running clotheslines in the corners. Ziggler and Breakker both rush out of their corners and swing for Ciampa but he ducks them, then attempts a flying double clothesline but Ziggler pinpoint dropkicks him in mid-air. Ziggler gloats but its cut short by a clothesline from Breakker and all three men are down.

*Commercial Break*

We return to see Breakker lock the Steiner Recliner on Ciampa. Ziggler comes in and jumps on Breakker’s back with a sleeper. Bron jumps backwards, landing Ziggler and himself on Ciampa and all three men are down again. All three climb to their feet and trade punches. Breakker is sent to the apron where Ciampa knees him off.

Ziggler attacks Ciampa, hits a Fame-Asser, then the Zig-Zag and covers but Ciampa kicks out! Ziggler can’t believe it. Ziggler starts stomping up the band but as he runs fo the superkick, Bron grabs him by the throat. Ziggler counters with a DDT, then Ciampa hits Ziggler with a backbreaker for a two-count. Ciampa lifts Ziggler for the Fairytale Ending but Breakker spears him as he has Dolph up!

Breakker then turns his attention to Ziggler and hits the military press into the powerslam. Breakker covers but suddenly Bobby Roode appears and drags Bron out of the ring. Breakker drops Roode on the floor and gets back inside but Ciampa drops him. Ciampa looks for the running knee but Roode pulls Breakker out of the ring again, then Ziggler superkicks Ciampa and covers him for the win!!

Winner and New NXT Champion: Dolph Ziggler

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe.

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