WWE has already announced two huge names for this year’s Hall of Fame class. The Undertaker needs no introduction to even the most casual wrestling fan. Taker was followed up by Vader, universally known as one of the best big men in the history of the sport. WWE could be getting ready to unveil the next superstar to enter the Hall of Fame, and it might be surprising to a lot of fans.

Andrew Zarian tweeted this morning that he is hearing buzz about a major name who will be inducted with this year’s HOF class. That name is Sid. The monster of a man is a former WWE champion who also had runs in WCW, ECW, and several other territories.

“Hearing Sid will be inducted in this year’s WWE Hall of Fame”

Sid broke into the wrestling business in the late 1980s and was a part of The Skyscrapers, a tag team with “Dangerous” Dan Spivey. WCW booked him as an absolute monster, and Sid eventually joined the Four Horsemen. For the rest of his career, Sid bounced back and forth between the major American promotions, winning championships all along the way.


An infamous and catastrophic knee injury at 2001’s WCW Sin pay-per-view seemingly ended Sid’s in-ring career. Fans who were watching at the time clearly remember the sickening snap as Sid’s leg broke in half. Television stations wouldn’t even re-air footage of the injury.

Sid did return to the ring in 2004. After numerous independent appearances, he came back to WWE as Sycho Sid for a match against Heath Slater in the 2012 lead-up to the Raw 100th episode special. The final match of his career came in 2017. It now appears as though Sid will take his place among the immortals in the WWE Hall of Fame.

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Michael Perry

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