NXT 2.0 made its debut in September last year and it promised an entirely new outlook on the product. While it did bring about quite a few changes, not all of them were met with a positive reception. It seems Tony Khan vowed not to do to ROH what WWE did to NXT as well.

With a fresh look and coat of paint, came a new sense of direction which has seen a new set of WWE Superstars, especially the likes of Bron Breakker. However, not quite a few talents have yet to truly connect with the fans.

NXT 2.0 was made was WWE set forth in a new direction, focusing on a new set of stars, building them from scratch. While speaking during the post-AEW Revolution media scrum, Tony Khan talked about his decision to acquire ROH and how he will be running two promotions at the same time.

Tony Khan made it clear that he will respect Ring Of Honor’s history and will not alter it or give it any kind of overhaul, akin to what WWE did with NXT, changing it to NXT 2.0.


“What NXT do you guys think is better, the original or 2.0? Which one do you think is more conducive to Vince McMahon’s vision of pro wrestling?

For better or for worse, if they’re not gonna change what they’re doing to the main [roster] stuff, wasn’t it a more efficient process [to overhaul NXT]? That way, at least you’re not calling up people you don’t believe in. Does that make sense?

ROH has an amazing history, and I do plan to respect it. I do want to keep it alive, that’s one of the reasons they [Sinclair] were excited to work with me. Joe Coff and others told me that respecting legacy was important to them, and that’s why they were so happy to see it end this way. One thing I plan to do is bring in a bunch of young wrestlers, and they already have a bunch of them. I think we’re very successful here, and I plan to continue doing very well with it, bringing in wrestlers who can work in both ROH and AEW – eventually.

For continuity sake, I [don’t want to change much about ROH]. Other wrestling companies have had multiple promotions under one corporate structure, or under one person, I don’t think it’s conducive to have people coming into an environment…say if somebody were to come here and I’m not behind their whole act, and want to [change everything]. That’s not very conducive.”

CM Punk also made it clear he is thankful Tony Khan purchased Ring Of Honor and not Vince McMahon. WWE also wanted to shut down Ring Of Honor had they purchased the company back in 2018. We will have to wait and see whether Ring Of Honor will succeed under Tony Khan’s leadership or not.

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