AEW’s Revolution pay-per-view is going down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live results coverage.

The main show will kick off at 8:00 PM and match by match coverage of the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions from the show in the comment below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • AEW World Championship: Hangman Adam Page (c) vs. Adam Cole
  • Dog Collar Match: CM Punk vs. MJF
  • AEW Women’s Championship: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (c) vs. Thunder Rosa
  • Face of the Revolution Ladder Match: Keith Lee vs. Orange Cassidy vs. Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Ricky Starks vs. Wardlow vs. Christian Cage
  • AEW World Tag Team Championship: Jurassic Express (c) vs. reDRagon vs. The Young Bucks
  • Jon Moxley vs. Bryan Danielson
  • Chris Jericho vs. Eddie Kingston
  • TBS Championship: Jade Cargill (c) vs. Tay Conti
  • Six Man Tornado Tag Match: AHFO (Andrade El Ídolo, Matt Hardy, and Isiah Kassidy) vs. Darby Allin, Sting, and Sammy Guevara

JR welcomes us to the show and they go right into a Draft King promo, which is apparently their new sponsor. Judas hits and Chris Jericho makes his entrance. Eddie Kingston is out next to a huge pop. Kingston makes a beeline for the ring.

Chris Jericho vs. Eddie Kingston


Kingston gets a Half and Half Suplex right out of the gate and Jericho lands right on his head. The ref checks on Jericho and he leaves the ring. Kingston drags Jericho back in the ring and hits a neckbreaker. Kingston covers, 1 count. Kingston with strikes in the corner, Jericho fights out and Kingston escapes the ring. Jericho throws Kingston into the barricade. Jericho with right hands to Kingston in the ring, Jericho gives the fans the middle finger as they boo him.

Jericho with knees to the face, Kingston hits an enziguri but Jericho gets right back up. Chops back and forth, Kingston pulls the straps on his singlet down and hits more chops. Kingston gets the upperhand nd hits machine gun chops in the corner, Jericho pokes Kingston in the eye and Kingston pokes back, Kingston hits the DDT and covers, 2 count. Huge “Eddie” chants, Kingston with strikes in the corner, he bites at Jericho, Jericho hits a lariat in the corner, then more strikes. Jericho rakes the eyes, Kingston bites at Jericho, Jericho hits 10 shots on the tope rope then hits a top rope huricanrana! Jericho covers, 2 count.

Jericho pulls the turnbuckle pad off but gets hit with an Exploder Suplex. Jericho hits a Suplex off the apron to the floor! “This is Awesome” chants, back in the ring, Jericho hits a German, then another German, Kingston with elbows but Jericho hits a third German. Jericho hits the Lionsault, cover, 2 count. Duelling chants for both men, Kingston hits a lariat, Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho and locks it in! Kingston gets to the ropes. Jericho breaks the submission at 4 then celebrates. Jericho pushes at the ref, Aubrey pushes back.

Kingston hits a suplex, then another suplex, then hits the spinning back fist, cover, 2 count. Jericho hits the Codebreaker, cover, 2 count. Jericho shouts at Kingston to stay down, then hits a German, Kingston pops back up but Jericho hits another Codebreaker. Jericho signals for the Judas Affect Elbow, Kingston ducks under and hit 2 spinning back fists, Kingston locks in the Stretch Plum and Jericho taps out!

WINNER: Eddie Kingston!

Kingston offers a handshake… he shouts “I respect you, shake my hand!” Jericho goes to shake but then doesn’t and then leaves.

Commentary runs down the many matches we have tonight before the Young Bucks make their entrance. reDRagon are out next. ut last is the AEW World Tag Team Champions, Jurassic Express.

AEW World Tag Team Championship: Jurassic Express (c) vs. reDRagon vs. The Young Bucks

O’Reilly and Jungle Boy start, lock up, O’Reilly gets a headlock, shoulder tackle, O’Reilly with a high boot, Jungle Boy hits a monkey flip, an armdrag, Fish distracts him and O’Reilly takes advantage. O’Reilly gets an armbar but Jungle Boy gets to the ropes. Fish tags in, reDRagon hit combination kicks, fish gets an armbar and tags in Matt Jackson, Matt hits an axe handle, the Bucks get taken out by Jungle Boy, Jungle Boy with an armdrag then a dropkick takes out Nick. Luchasaurus tags in, takes out everybody with big overhand chops, goes for a Suicide Dive but reDRagon and the Bucks flee, then Luchasaurus hits the Dive on the other side of the ring.

Fish throws Luchasaurus out of the ring, tags in Matt, the Bucks go after Jungle Boy, Matt hits a superkick, Nick hits a senton, Matt wipes out Luchasaurus on the outside, O’Reilly with a flying knee, the Bucks and reDRagon double team Luchasaurus on the outside. The Bucks hits a double team neckbreaker, O’Reilly breaks up the pinfall. reDRagon double team Jungle Boy, backbreaker into a knee drop, cover, 2 count as Nick breaks the count.

O’Reilly feigns tagging in the Bucks then tags in Fish. Jungle Boy hits a back elbow sand throws Fish out of the ring, Jungle Boy fights off both Bucks, hittign a huge lariat on the floor goes to tag Luchasaurus but Fish takes him out before he can make the tag. The Bucks it a bulldog/DDT combo, cover, 2 as O’Reilly breaks the count. Jungle Boy with a rollup, 2 count as O’Reilly breaks it up. O’Reilly hits a high boot on Matt, accidentally. Jungle Boy tags in Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus runs wild on everybody, back elbows in the corner, ducks under superkicks but hits Tail whips of his own, moonsault to the outside on reDRagon.

The Bucks hit combination kicks on Luchasaurus, Luchasaurus throws Matt out of the ring, Nick hits a Destroyer! Matt tags in, Luchasaurus hits a double Chokeslam! Then another chokeslam to both reDRagon, moonsault to Matt, cover, 2 count. Jungle Boy tags in, Luchasaurus catches Matt on his shoulders, Jungle Boy hits the Doomsday Device, cover, 2 count. Fish trips Jungle Boy, Matt hits a Superkick, O’Reilly and Matt face off, strikes back and forth, Fish and Nick get in on the fight, Luchasaurus takes out both of them.

Jungle Boy hits a superkick to O’Reilly, Matt with a kick to Jungle Boy, superkicks all round, then all 3 men down! O’Reilly with a flying knee strikes, reDRagon hit facebuster combinations then Germans to Jungle Boy, cover, 2 count. Jungel Boy fights off Fish on the top ropes, Fish with a kick to the ankle, then hits an Avalahce Exploder, O’Reilly with a diving knee, then locks in a kneebar, Fish hits a diving headbutt, Matt hits an elbow drop on O’Reilly. Nick with a running knee strikes, kick to O’Reilly, Luchasaurus hits a Chokeslam to Nick.

O’Reilly with combination kick to Luchasaurus, then a front chancery, Jungle Boy hits a Shooting Star Press to both men! Jungle Boy covers, Nick hits a 450 to break the pinfall! Jungle Boy tags in, Matt gets the title belt, O’Reilly takes it and wipes out Jungle Boy, O’Reilly covers, 2 count! reDRagon hit the High/Low on Jungle Boy, cover, Luchasaurus breaks the count. The Bucks take out Luchasaurus on the outside. Nick tags in, double superkicks to Fish, O’Reilly hits a piledriver on Jungle Boy, the Bucks hits Superkicks, the Bucks hit the BTE Trigger, cover, 2 as O’Reilly breaks the count.

Jungle Boy fights off both Bucks, hits Germans to both, Luchasaurus dives onto all 4 men at ringside, Matt gets a rollup, 2 count. Jurassic Express hit a combination Powerbomb, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And Still” AEW World Tag Team Champions, Jurassic Express!

Taz joins commentary for our next match, the Face of the Revolution Ladder match. A video package introduces the match and Christian Cage is the first man out. Out next is Powerhouse Hobbs, then Ricky Starks, then Wardlow to a huge reaction. Keith Lee is the next man out, and then out last is Orange Cassidy.

Face of the Revolution Ladder Match: Keith Lee vs. Orange Cassidy vs. Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Ricky Starks vs. Wardlow vs. Christian Cage

Lee stands in the middle, surrounded by everybody else, American Top Team are watching from the crowd. Team Taz goes after Lee. Lee throws them out, leaving Hobbs, Wardlow and Lee in the ring. Cassidy pops back in the ring between the big men, Cassidy with weak kicks to all 3. Hobbs and Wardlow try to take down Lee, Cassidy climbs on all 3 of them and tries to reach the ring. Cages takes out the big men with a ladder.

Starks with a sliding dropkick to Cage. Starks climbs, Cassidy pulls him down, then hits a dropkick with his hands in his pockets. Cassidy climbs the ladder with his hands in his pockets, Cage throws him out of the ring, then throws Starks out of the ring. Cage pulled out by Hobbs. Hobbs climbs over Cage and climbs the ladder. Cage follows and hits Reverse DDT off the ladder! Cage goes for a Spear but Lee appears from behind him, Lee takes out Cage and Starks with a double crossbody. Lee catches a hurricanrana from Cassidy, Lee uses Cassidy to take out everybody else then throws Cassidy at Starks and Cage.

Lee climbs the ladder, Wardlow stops him and Lee climbs down to face him. Hobbs gets a ladder and takes out both of them. Hobbs goes face to face with Starks… They shake hands then race to the tope, Cassidy pushes the ladder over. Cassidy helicopters the ladder on his shoulders, taking out everybody, Lee and Wardlow stop the ladder and pull it up, Cassidy skins the cat and reaches for the Ring!

Cage tries to climb but Lee takes him out. Hobbs throws Cassidy at Lee on the ladder. Hobbs hits a Superplex off the ladder in the corner! Cage hits a Spear on Hobbs on the ladder. Cage sets up a ladder, Starks takes it down, and hits a Spear through the rungs of the ladder. Starks climbs the ladder, Wardlow tips it over then Starks faceplants on the ladder. Wardlow sets up the ladder, Wardlow climbs with Cassidy on his back, Lee sets up another ladder, all 6 men climbs the 2 ladders, Cassidy falls off first, then Cage, then Lee and Starks fall off, Hobbs and Wardlow tee of on each other then both fall down and land badly.

Wardlow, Hobbs and Lee face off, Cassidy rolls in the middle of them, Lee throws him out of the ring onto Starks and Cage. Wardlow takes Hobbs and Lee out of the ring! Lee, Hobbs and Wardlow brawl up the ramp. Wardlow and Hobbs get a ladder from the stage, then break it apart, each taking a side of the ladder, Hobbs hits Wardlow with the ladder, they brawl to the announce table. Wardlow tackles both Hobbs and Lee off the stage!

Cage sets up a ladder in the ring, Starks takes him out, Starks climbs, Danhausen comes from nowhere and puts a curse on Starks. Cage climbs the ladder, Starks pulls him down, Wardlow hits cage with a Powerbomb, Wardlow jumps to the top of the ladder and Powerbombs Starks off the top of the ladder, onto another ladder. Wardlow climbs the ladder and grabs the brass ring!

WINNER: Wardlow!

Tony Schiavone is on the stage with a contract in his hand. A year ago we signs Christian Cage and tonight we will sign a new talent, Schiavone introduces the Realest Shane Swerve Strickland. Swerve comes out in a suit, huge “Swerve” chants, Swerve signs the contract, Swerve says the Realest is back. He could go on and on about the dream matches he could have, the championship he could take, but he has a question… Who’s House? The crowd chants, “Swerve’s House!”

Tay Conti makes her entrance wearing cool face paint. Anna Jay and -1 come out to greet her on the stage. The TBS champion, Jade Carghill is out next. Christone “Kingfish” Ingram plays Carghill out to the ring.

TBS Championship: Jade Cargill (c) vs. Tay Conti

Carghill kisses Conti to start! Conti catches a pump kick, Conti reverses the Jaded into an armbar. Jade hits a pump kick, Carghill mocks Conti’s karate. Conti with judo throws then hits a pump kick, Conti with running kicks in the corner. Conti hits a Tornado DDT, cover, 2 count. American top Team are still watching in the crowd. Conti climbs to the top and hits a Senton on Sterling. Carghill with a pump kick to Anna Jay.

Carghill throws Conti into the steel steps. Conti with a roundhouse kick, Conti with a rollup, cover, 2 count. Jay hits Jade with a steel chair behind the refs back, Conti covers, Carghill kicks out at 2. Conti kisses Carghill, then hits a DDT, cover, 2 count. Conti hits a superkick, Carghill reverses the TayKO, then hits the Eye of the Storm, cover, 2 count.

Carghill climbs to the top, and hits a Frog Slash, cover, 2 count. Conti hits a high knee, then hits a Piledriver, cover, 2 count. Carghill knocks Conti off the top rope, Conti crashes into the ring post, Carghill hits the Jaded, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And Still” TBS Champion, Jade Carghill!

Video package of CM Punk vs MJF. Cult of Personality hits… Then the music cuts to MJF’s theme and MJF makes his entrance. CM Punk’s old ROH music hits, Miseria Cantare! Punk makes his entrance to his old music and wearing his old attire. Justin Roberts does the official ring introductions. The ref puts the dog collar on both men.

Dog Collar Match: CM Punk vs. MJF

Punk pulls MJF closer to him with the chain, MJF whips the chain at Punk, MJF tries to leave but Punk pulls the chain. Punk tries to whip MJF but he ducks under, MJF tries to leave again but Punk pulls at the chain. MJF drops Punk on the ropes, MJF wraps the cahina round hit hand but Punk hits a kick to the gut, Punk puts the chain around the ringpost and uses than to force MJF into the turnbuckles. MJF tries to apologies to Punk but he is having none of it, stomping on MJF.

Punk with 10 shots in the corner, Punk wraps the chain around his hand but then MJF ducks under and hits Punk with a superkick, MJF hits a Powerbomb, cover, 2 count. MJF whips the chain at Punk, Punk throws MJF into the turnbuckle, hits the running knee, MJF uses the chain to block a Bulldog. MJF wraps the chain around his hand and hits right hands on Punk.

Punk has been busted open and MJF rakes the chain across Punk’s face. MJF gets a mic, stomps on Punk and says “do me a favour, tell these people you don’t care about them. Quit of them like you quit on me.” Punk says “eat shit Max.” MJF gets on the turnbuckle but Punk pulls him down with the chain. Punk with a headbutt to the groin… Punk whips the chain at MJF, Russian Leg Sweep, elbow drop.

Punk with a rising knee strike, wraps the chain around MJF’s neck and hits a Bulldog. Punk whips MJF with the chain, Punk wraps the chain around MJF’s hand then hits knees to the hand. Punk goes for the GTS, MJF digs his hand into Punks open wound, MJF gets the sleeper. Punk doesn’t fade, he gets a cover, 2 count. MJF goes for a Piledriver but his hands gives out. Punk goes for the GTS but MJF catches it and locks in the Salt of the Earth! Punk reverses into a cover, 2 count. Punk gets the Anaconda Vice! MJF pulls at the hair to get a cover, 2 count.

MJF throws Punk through the ropes, Punk reverses the Heatseeker into a Spinebuster. Punk hits a Shining Wizard, sending MJF out of the ring. MJF has been busted open, Punk rakes the chain across MJF’s face. Punk with right hands to MJF, “You deserve it” chants. Punk with right hands on the barricade. Punk throws MJF into the steel steps. Punk wraps the chain around his hand and then hits right hands, wraps the chain around his knee and goes for a knee but MJF moves out of the way and Punk crashes into the steps.

Punk with right hands with the chain and throws MJF back in the ring. Punk goes for the GTS but collapses. MJF goes for the injured knee, rakes at Punks face, MJF goes for a Tombstone Piledriver on the apron but Punk reverses and hits a Tombstone of his own on the apron! Punk climbs to the top, wraps the chain around his elbow, and goes for the elbow drop but MJF moves out of the way, MJF covers, 2 count.

MJF goes under the ring, pulls out a bag and unloads the bag on thumbtacks onto the ring. MJF hits the rising knee strike in the corner, Punk bites at MJF’s hand, blocking a bulldog. MJF with right hands, Punk teeters over the tacks, Punk with a kick to the gut, goes for a Brainbuster but his knee gives out, MJF with elbow strikes, Punk hits a roundhouse kick! Punk goes to the top, going for the Pepsi Plunge, MJF escapes. MJF hits a Superplex onto the tacks! MJF covers, 2 count.

MJF with right hands with the injured hand, cover, 2 count. MJF shouts for Wardlow. Wardlow walks down to the ring. MJF calls for the diamond ring… Wardlow doesn’t have it, Punk pulls the chain and hits MJF with a GTS! Wardlow stares at Punk… Wardlow finds the ring, he had it all along. Wardlow leaves the ring on the apron and leaves. He has given the ring to CM Punk!

Punk puts the ring on his finger… MJF spits at Punk, Punk hits him with the diamond ring, Punk covers, 1, 2, 3!


A long celebration for Punk.

Video package for the AEW Women’s title match. Thunder Rosa makes her entrance. The AEW Women’s World Champion, Britt Baker is out next. Rebel and Hayter accompanied Baker to the ring and Baker is holding a brand new Women’s title belt.

AEW Women’s Championship: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (c) vs. Thunder Rosa

Lock up, duelling chants, Rosa with a snapmare, into a headlock, Rosa with elbows to the arm, headlock, Baker reverses into an underhook suplex, cover, 2 count. Baker with elbows in the corner, hammerlock, Rosa reverses into an armbar. Baker goes for Lockjaw, Rosa reverse into a rollup, 2 count. Rosa with a front Chancery. Rosa hits a backbreaker, running knee in the corner, Baker moves out of the way of a flying forearm.

Baker with stomps in the corner, Hayter attacks Rosa while the ref’s back is turned. Baker with knee strikes, Rosa hits an enziguri, Baker with a flatliner in the turnbuckles. Baker with stomps in the corner, then wraps Rosa around the ring post. Baker ties Rosa up in the ropes, mocking her. Hayter and Rebel attack Rosa behind the ref’s back. Baker hits a suplex, cover, 2 count.

Baker with forearms in the ropes, then faceplants Rosa into the mat. Rosa hits a German, clothesline, another clothesline, drops Baker on the ropes then hits a running dropkick. Rosa with another running dropkick, Rosa with a Northern Lights Suplex, cover, 2 count. Rosa with knees in the corner, Baker hits the Air Raid Crash, cover, 2 count. Baker with an elbow to the back of the head, then hits a Pendulum Suplex, cover, 2 count.

Baker with a Butterfly Suplex, cover, 2 count. Baker puts the glove on, Rosa with a big dropkick, running uppercut, the hits a Superplex, Rosa rolls over then hits a neckbreaker, then a sliding lariat, cover, 2 count. Baker with the ripcord elbow, neckbreaker, underhook slam, cover, 2 count. Forearms back and forth, Baker gets the Lockjaw but Rosa reverses into a pin, 2 count. Rosa hits a backdrop, cover, 2 count.

Baker hits an Avalanche Air Raid Crash, cover, 2 count. Rosa gets a rollup, 2 count. Rosa hits the Tombstone Piledriver, cover, Rebel distracts the ref, Rosa knocks Rebel off the apron, Baker with a rollup, 2 count. Baker with a trust kick, Hayter gives Baker the title, Baker stomps Rosa onto the belt, cover, 1, 2, Rosa kicks out! Baker goes for Lockjaw, Rosa reverse into a Lockjaw of her own! Baker reverse into a cover, 2 count. Rosa gets a headlock, Baker taps out but Rebel distracts the ref again. Rosa spears Rebel through the ropes to the outside. Hayter attacks Rose but Rosa fights her off. Rosa gets back in the ring but Baker hits another curbstomp out of nowhere, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And Still” AEW Women’s World Champion, Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D!

Video package for Moxley vs. Danielson. Bryan Danielson makes his entrance first. Wild Thing hits and Jon Moxley makes his entrance through the crowd.

Jon Moxley vs. Bryan Danielson

“We want violence” chants. Lock up, both men get headlocks, clean break. Danielson gets a body scissors into a headlock, Moxley gets a cover, 1 count. Both men spill to the outside, Danielson backs off in the ropes. Moxley slaps Danielson. Danielson slaps Moxley, kick to the back, Danielson does jumping jacks then hides in the ropes. Moxley offers Danielson a free shot, Danielson slaps Moxley, Moxley slaps back and kicks Danielson in the spine.

Elbow strikes back and forth, Danielson with an uppercut, Moxley with forearms, stomps in the corner, then a back elbow. Moxley with kicks to the chest, Danielson catches a kick and hits a Dragonscrew. Danielson with kicks to the chest, Moxley covers his head but Danielson hits him with a body shot. Danielson mocks Moxley with jumping jacks. Danielson goes after the ribs. Danielson with an uppercut, forearms in the corner, the kicks to the ribs, Moxley asks for more!

Moxley powers Danielson to the opposite corner and hits strikes of his own, Danielson with a kick to the ribs, dropping Moxley. Danielson hits a front chancery suplex, climbs to the top and goes for a diving headbutt but Moxley moves. Moxley with right hands, Danielson gets a knee strikes. Danielson with a running boot in the corner, then another one. Moxley hits a German, then a backdrop, Danielson with a roundhouse kick, into the guillotine facelock.

Moxley with 10 shots in the corner, Danielson escapes with kicks to the ribs. Moxley asks for more, Moxley with palm strikes, and throws Danielson out of the ring. Both men strike at the same time and both fall to the floor. Moxley has been busted open as has Danielson. Moxley with knee strikes, Danielson with knee strikes of his own. Moxley with headbutts, Danielson blocks a Paradigm Shift and hits a rolling elbow, Moxley hits the King Kong Lariat!

Moxley with chops on the top turnbuckle, rakes at the back, Danielson escapes and drops Moxley on the turnbuckle, Danielson hits a back drop from the top rope! Danielson covers, 2 count. Danielson with clubbing elbow strikes, then locks in a Dragon Sleeper, Moxley gets to the ropes. Danielson with kicks to the ribs, Moxley gets a sleeper, Danielson reverse into a Dragon sleeper, Moxley reverse into clubbing elbows of his own. Moxley gets a cross armbreaker, Danielson reverses into a LeBell Lock! Moxley claws at the mat and makes it to the ropes.

Moxley traps the arms and then both men kick each other in the face! Moxley gets the upperhand and stomps on Danielson. Moxley gets the Bulldog Choke, Danielson fades… but escapes into a rollup, 2 count. Danielson hits a shoulder capture suplex, running knee, then hits the Busaiku Knee, cover, 2 count! Danielson traps the arms and stomps on Moxley’s face. Danielson gets the Triangle Sleeper, elbows Moxley in the head, Moxley claws at Danielson’s face, Danielson hits more elbows, then hits right hands to the face, Moxley rolls through and Danielson shoulder are on the mat, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Jon Moxley!

Danielson pushes the ref! Danielson attacks Moxley, right hands back and forth, refs and security runs down to break up the brawl. Moxley fights them all off, William Regal comes down the ramp! Regal tries to talk to both men. “Holy shit” chants, Regal stops Moxley from attacking Danielson then slaps Moxley across the face! Regal slaps Danielson! Regal tells the to shake hands… Moxley and Danielson shakes hands!

Tony Schiavone is on the ramp, he runs down the card for Dynamite. American Top Team are still watching from the crowd. The AHFO, Andrade, Matt Hardy and Isiah Kassidy, make their entrance. The TNT Champion, Sammy Guevara is out next, Sting is out next, then a Darby Allin video package plays before his entrance.

Six Man Tornado Tag Match: AHFO (Andrade El Ídolo, Matt Hardy, and Isiah Kassidy) vs. Darby Allin, Sting, and Sammy Guevara

Darby charges into the ring and takes out Andrade. All 6 men brawl at ringside. Sting throws Jose into the barricade, then Darby throws him into the steel steps. Darby gets a trash can. Sting and Darby put the trash can on Jose, then sit him down and a chair then Darby suicide dives onto him. Andrade hits Darby with a steel chair. Andrade throws a trash can at Sting. Andrade drops Guevara onto the barricade!

Darby and Guevara hit a double suplex on Andrade. Hardy and Cassidy get taken out by Sting in the ring. Sting hits both men with a trash can. Darby hits coffin splashes to both men. Guevara hits a double jump cutter to Kassidy. Andrade dumps Guevara to the outside, Andrade drops Darby into the corner. Andrade with a double stomp to Darby. Hardy hits a twist of Fate on Guevara, Andrade covers, Sting breaks the count.

Andrade throws Darby out of the ring, Andrade splashes onto Darby but Darby moves. Sting with a kick to Hardy and whips him into the barricade. Quen throws a chair at Guevara! Sting drops Hardy on the barricade. Guevara throws Quen into the crowd. Private Party hit Silly String off the barricade on Guevara! Sting and Hardy brawl through the crowd. Sting hits Hardy with a chair.

Sting whips Hardy into the retaining wall. Butcher and Blade appear from nowhere and help the AHFO, attacking Sting and Darby. Butcher swings Darby into the wall. Kassidy has climbed onto the Titantron, Guevara follows him up, they brawl on top of the stage, Guevara hits a Spanish Fly off the stage through 2 tables! Butcher and Blade have set up 4 tables in the crowd. Hardy attacks Sting. Sting tries to fight off all of them, but they get the best of him.

Hardy drags Sting higher into the crowd, Darby and Andrade and brawling below them, Sting climbs on the high barricade and splashes Andrade through 4 tables! Darby fights with Hardy through the crowd. Back in the ring, Hardy hits Darby with a chair, he puts Darby head through the chair and goes for a twist of Fate, Darby reverses and hits a Scorpion Death Drop through the chair, Darby hits the Coffin Drop off the top rope, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Sting, Darby Allin & Sammy Guevara!

Sting Darby allin and Sammy Guevara celebrate in the ring.

Video package for the AEW World Championship match. Adam Cole makes his entrance first. The AEW World Champion, Hangman Page makes his entrance next. Justin Roberts does the official ring introductions.

AEW World Championship: Hangman Adam Page (c) vs. Adam Cole

“Lets go Adam” chants, very funny. Lock up, break in the ropes. Cole gets a waistlock, Page gets a hammerlock, Cole with elbow strikes in the corner. Page hits an elbow of his own, flooring Cole. Page with chops in the corner, short arm lariat. Page with chops, Cole escapes the ring, Page hits a baseball slide. Page throws Cole into the barricade.

Page hits a running boot, Cole escapes a Powerbomb and ducks under a clothesline, Page goes arm first into the ring post. Cole throws Page into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Cole with stomps in the corner, Page with chops, Cole hits a neckbreaker, cover, 1 count. Cole with another neckbreaker, then hits hammering elbows to the neck. Cole with right hands in the corner, Page with chops in the corner.

Cole hits a Spinning Slam, cover, 2 count. Cole gets an armbar, Page fights out. Page with a big boot, Cole hits a backstabber, cover, 2 count. Cole with a superkick, Page hits a big boot. Page with right hands, then hits a fall away slam. Page with a springboard lariat, then hits a Powerbomb onto the apron! Page hits a moonsault from the top rope to the outside!

Back in the ring, Page goes for the Buckshot but Cole escapes the ring. Cole hits an enziguri, then a backstabber, Page hits a Sit Out Powerbomb, cover, 2 count. Page with chops in the corner, Page goes for a moonsault but Cole hits a Superkick, cover, 2 count! Cole tunes up the band, Page ducks under the Superkick and hits the Deadeye, cover, 2 count.

Forearms back and forth, Cole gets the upperhand, goes to pull the knee pad down but Page blocks it. Cole hits a pumpkick, then a superkick, Page with a rolling elbow, takes off the elbow pad, Cole catches Page in a crossface, Page gets to the ropes. Cole drops Page on the apron, Page hits the Tombstone, cover, 2 count. Strikes back and forth, Page with a headbutt, Cole with a trust kick, Page with an elbow strike, Page hits a German. Cole with a neckbreaker, cover, 2 count.

“Fight Forever” chants, Page with headbutts on the top turnbuckle, Page hits a Avalanche fall away slam, cover, 2 count. reDRagon runs down to ringside, Cole hits a superkick to Page. Cole hits Panama Sunrise off the apron onto the floor. Cole covers, 2 count. Cole goes for another Panama Sunrise, but Page reverses, Cole hits a low blow behind the refs back, Cole hits the Panama Sunrise! Cole hits the Boom, cover, 1, 2, Page kicks out!

Cole with two superkicks, Page hits a big lariat! Page goes for the Buckshot but Cole hits a Superkick, then another Superkick, Cole goes for the Boom but Page collapses. reDRagon get the timekeepers table and set it up at ringside. Page hits the Deadeye through the table! Dark Order run down to check on Page. Dark Order and reDRagon brawl at ringside.

Back in the ring, Page hits the Buckshot! Page covers, 1, 2, Cole gets to the ropes! Page ties Cole to the ropes using his belt, Page hits a Superkick, then another superkick, then another, Cole hits a Superkick. Page hits a Superkick, Page takes down his kneepad, Page hits the Boom, then hits the Buckshot Lariat! Page covers, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And Still” AEW World Champion, Hangman Page!

Page celebrates with his title Page kneels by Cole and shakes Cole’s hand. Revolution goes off the air as Page holds his title high!

Martin Dickinson

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