Brock Lesnar left WWE after WrestleMania 36 and he spent the pandemic isolated from Vince McMahon’s company. Lesnar disappeared entirely following the loss of the WWE championship to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 36. Brock has now given an insight into his thought process after that match.

Lesnar recently appeared on the Michael Kay Show, discussing his disappearance and the Covid-19 pandemic. He eventually returned at SummerSlam 20121 when the company welcomed the crowd.

Brock Lesnar said he considered himself retired after WM 36 and spoke about plans to keep going when asked.

“When I was younger I thought, I wanna retire when I’m 40,” said Lesnar


“I actually retired when COVID hit and my contract was up in 2020. Full circle Brock Lesnar story, I had my first wrestling match in Minnesota was in a garage with no people. 20 years later, had a WWE Title match at WrestleMania in a warehouse in front of no people. 20 years, full circle. I was like ‘I’m out.'”

Lesnar was then asked what brought him back, to which he laughed at replied, “Cha-ching.” Lesnar then talked about his new look upon his return at 2021 SummerSlam.

“My whole life I’ve been wearing a flat top, crew cut. In UFC I grew my beard out once. I said I’m gonna let it all go (once I left WWE). Last summer, before any of this evolved, it was so hot, I said ‘I’m gonna cut my hair,’ so my kids cut my hair. They said, ‘We’re going to give you a mohawk.’ Then they go, I bet you won’t wear a ponytail.’ I wasn’t gonna lose a bet to my kids. So, I wore this look. It wasn’t a mastermind (plan), it was a joke. Here I am. Brock Lesnar is a big ass joke,” 

Ever since Lesnar’s return to SummerSlam 2021, he has regularly been featured on WWE television. He will be defending his WWE Championship on March 5 at a live event at Madison Square Garden.

Bhupen Dange

Bhupen is a freelance writer for Ringside News and Thirsty For News; he is pursuing further studies in Computer Science. Since high school, he has actively participated in athletic activities, and when he is not playing video games, he spends his time in the gym training, watching movies, and walking his dog outside.

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