Ring of Honor is now part of Tony Khan’s growing wrestling portfolio. The AEW president announced that he purchased ROH on last night’s episode of Dynamite. The move sent shockwaves among wrestling fans as there is a ton of uncertainty about what will happen next.

WWE also had an interest in the company’s vast tape library. Several major WWE stars like Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, and more all spent significant time with the promotion. WWE has licensed ROH footage on several occasions in the past.

According to Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, both WWE and AEW had a chance to buy Ring of Honor. Tony Khan made the better offer and now the promotion is officially part of AEW. The future is uncertain, but we know that WWE will have no say in the company’s direction going forward.

“Obviously, both WWE and AEW were contacted when the idea was to sell the company and AEW was the one that, obviously, made the better offer of the two and got the company. As far as what this means going forward, I don’t know.


The tape library is very valuable to AEW because they want to do some sort of a streaming service. Whether they sell something to HBO Max or they do their own streaming service in some form. That amount of library with a lot of wrestlers, including, one of the keys to that library is Ring of Honor owned the All In show which is an important part of the history of AEW… Also, it had all kinds of tapes of Bryan Danielson and a lot of other wrestlers. The Young Bucks, some of Kenny Omega, Jay Lethal.”

Tony Khan has added twenty plus years of historical wrestling footage featuring the early years of many of his promotion’s top stars. The deal opens up the door for streaming rights negotiations, as AEW’s 3-year history didn’t offer a ton of content. Time will tell what comes next for Ring of Honor.

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