Tony Khan is the new owner of Ring of Honor. The purchase brings a huge video library and a well-known brand under the All Elite Wrestling umbrella. Nobody is quite sure what will happen next. Many didn’t even realize ROH was for sale.

Tony Khan had been talking about a big business deal he was working on for weeks. The AEW president noted that he felt confident a deal would get done. Khan eventually said he would announce last night’s AEW Dynamite news last night’s AEW Dynamite.

The announcement was about Khan’s acquisition of ROH. Details about plans for the promotion and what Khan will do with it are sparse at this point. We do know that Khan had been working on the deal for a while. On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer pointed out that Khan was pretty sure the deal was going to happen two Fridays ago.

“I figured, if it’s up for sale, there’s two people who they’re going to sell it to. It’s either going to be WWE or it’s going to be AEW. So, I asked Tony Khan, ‘You hear it’s up for sale?’ and he says no, he has not heard anything about that, so I figured that it was not up for sale because if it was, he would know.


A couple weeks later, I did hear more that it was up for sale and I asked him again and he didn’t give me an answer. So then, I knew… I didn’t know anything, but it was more likely that in fact, at that point, it was up for sale. So, this deal was put together basically two weeks ago on Thursday. At least it was mostly put together, I don’t know when it was actually finalized, but obviously it was the next day on that Friday of two weeks ago. He said that he was pretty confident in it, that something was going to happen. And then later last week, made the announcement that he was going to announce it on the show that the deal was basically done.”

There were plenty of potential bidders for Ring of Honor. WWE was also thought to have been involved at various points, perhaps dating back years. In the end, Tony Khan was the one who purchased the company. Fans will now have to wait and see what is in store for the future of ROH.

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