Gabriel Wai spent the last two years at Lindenwood University as a student-athlete on the men’s rugby team. Gabe has eventually decided to hung up the cleats. He is currently training hard for his debut in the World Wrestling Entertainment industry.

The 6’6″, 260-pound front/second-rower for the men’s rugby team, has been a force in the conference, clocking in big shifts against strategically aggressive opponents. Wai considered a career in rugby, but he saw more possibility and excitement in pursuing career in the WWE.

For a little while, acting was my passion—which I think is something not a lot of people know about. Getting into the WWE brings out old passions with [fortunate] opportunities that can absolutely launch me into the acting world.

When WWE contacted Wai, he was enticed by the opportunities the profession may provide for his future. Wai was flown out to Florida for a week-long trial in the later weeks of January, when he earned the third call and was chosen in the first round to join the WWE.


His tryout was against top-tier athletes, including former NFL players who have played with Tom Brady and former Indianapolis Colts players. Wai felt out of place going into the tryout, but he was thrilled to see how his potential would play out. The audition included an acting performance as well as two intense in-ring workouts.

The wrestlers were put to the final test to see if they could swim or sink. Wai was teamed with five-time World Champion Roman Reigns in a one-minute promo against strong wrestlers from the WWE on the last day. Wai also wants to use his platform to influence kids and bring up topics like mental health.

Wai has returned home to prepare for his next chapter with the WWE, which begins on February 27 when he travels to the WWE training complex in Florida. On March 11th, he will begin his journey.

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