Russia is annexing Ukraine and the entire world is shook. Since Russia’s invasion, over 300 people have been injured and just over 130 have lost their lives, according to reports. Many have spoken out against the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, from The Weeknd and Cardi B to Ashton KutcherSean Penn and David Lynch.

The Iron Sheik is one of the most legendary trolls on the planet. The former WWE Champion has called out everyone and everything over the years. Sheik’s one-sided feud with Hulk Hogan has become famous. Now, The Iron Sheik has set his sights on the current state of the world and he expressed his thoughts in his most recent tweet.


The Iron Sheik used to be known for breaking the backs of his opponents with the camel clutch submission hold. Today he uses his words to humble his enemies. Pepsi and the Super Bowl halftime show have felt that wrath.


The Iron Sheik has spent his entire life in wrestling with a festering hatred for Hulk Hogan. His controversial opinions have made him a viral favorite on Twitter. The long history of vitriol flowing from Sheik to Hogan has been well-documented. There are very few things in the universe he hates more than the former world champion.

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Gunjan Nath

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