WWE has been releasing several employees including WWE Superstars for the past few months. This began with the release of Superstars such as Chelsea Green and Mickie James in April. Tegan Nox was also caught in the landslide and after her release, she changed her ring name.

On the most recent episode of Into The Danger Zone w/ Chris Denker, Tegan Nox discussed her breakup with Shotzi. The quick breakup for a team destined to become WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions was shocking for both individuals.

It was pretty difficult. Me and Shotzi got quite close during that whole stint. I was driving, Shotzi was in the seat next to me, and Toni [Storm] was in the back, and she said “oh my god, you’re on Raw, we’re on Raw.” Then she went “wait, no, I’m still on Smackdown. They made a mistake.

Tegan Nox refutes the notion that every wrestler has been given advance warning of Draft moves. Unfortunately, they were caught off guard by the split. Even Tegan Nox and Shotzi, who were widely projected to be champions, did not see it coming.


No idea. We were number one contenders for like 6, 7 weeks. We won God knows how many number one contendership matches. But no, they didn’t give us any indication. We just found out on Twitter.

While Tegan Nox’s tenure on the main roster came to an abrupt end, she may have had a different experience in WWE if she had continued in NXT. It’s possible that staying in NXT was the only thing that kept her spirits up throughout a difficult time. If Tegan had had a say in the matter, her feud with Dakota Kai might have gotten even worse.

Dakota’s tenure in NXT ended quickly after she returned, thus a long-term relationship with a healthy Tegan Nox was not in the cards. Her time on the main roster likewise came to an end with little to show for it. It had been a dismal moment for Nox in every way.

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