Mickie James is one of the most popular female pro wrestlers in the United States. James was among the first to make women’s wrestling stand out during an era when WWE was not focusing on in-ring action, but rather pushing talent as sex objects to be exploited. Even Mickie wasn’t safe despite her considerable in-ring ability.

In 2009, James was involved in a storyline with LayCool. The idea was to get heat on the heels for body-shaming Mickie. WWE shamelessly came up with the name “Piggy James” for the angle.

Mickie James recently appeared on The Kurt Angle Show. James spoke about her thoughts on the storyline. Mickie absolutely hated it.

“I didn’t love the piggy James angle. I really didn’t. I hated it because I felt like it was like ribbing on the square. It was meant to get real heat for Michelle and Layla. I kind of felt like it was cheap heat and it was a different way to go. At that moment, I was very torn. But I’m also of the mindset like, okay, they’re going to give me this thing that I saw, I felt in my heart at the moment they’re gonna give me this crappy storyline about calling me fat and all this stuff.”


I had several conversations with the girls too. It wasn’t like the girls were over the moon about doing the storyline, either. I think they were heavy in their hearts about it as well, and I’m just going to try to make it gold and try to get these girls over as monster heels because that’s obviously the end result of what we want is the girls need to get over as monster heels, and they weren’t at that time, but they were by the end of it, especially with Vicki Guerrero involved. I felt like it did achieve that purpose.”

Since the humiliating angle, Mickie James has gone on to make wrestling history. James broke ground by appearing in this year’s WWE Royal Rumble while reigning as the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion. Wrestling has come a long way since the days of Piggy James.

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