Pro wrestling as sports entertainment has certainly influenced a massive audience of its own from around the globe over the last century. WWE is one of those companies that easily get the right to boast about playing a significant role in it. Charlotte Flair is well aware of that.

Now over time, women’s role in industry has become very prominent in sports entertainment industry. At the forefront of it all stands Charlotte Flair.

For women of WWE, it has always been a struggle to be viewed in a same way as their male counterparts. But things have changed a lot since 2015. WWE deepened their relationship with women wrestlers and growing female audiences.

Jetset Magazine had a chance to catch up with one and only of WWE Divas, the thirteen times women’s champion, Charlotte Flair. Flair has some clear choice of words to describe her vision in WWE:


“I’ve never gone out there to have the best women’s match on the show, I’ve always gone out there to have the best match of the show, period.”

“I hope that other women see what we [the Women’s Division of WWE are doing and take the same stance with their chosen careers, regardless of what that may be.“

Flair pointed out that despite being a daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, she always wanted to and has tried to carve a course of her own:

“Extending my father’s legacy while building my own has been paramount to my success,”

“I never dreamed about being a sports entertainer when I was growing up, but when I made the decision in 2012, it changed my life. The ring is like home to me. Having the opportunity to go out every night and perform for an audience is the greatest feeling.”

“Being a role model for that little girl or little boy sitting in the front row means the world to me. I truly get the best of both worlds,”

“you have to embrace who you are and your roots, and ultimately carve your own path.”

Today, Flair has set an example for women of WWE industry and outside alike. Her efforts and evolution as a performer and athlete have marked many firsts in the history of women in sports entertainment.

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Bhupen Dange

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