Chris Jericho was brought into AEW to give the upstart promotion some star power when Tony Khan kicked things off in 2019. Jericho went on to become the first AEW World Champion and largely carried the main event scene in the early days of the company. The formation of The Inner Circle helped to elevate Jericho’s peers and he had several memorable feuds.

The value of Chris Jericho to AEW can’t be understated. Several recent reports noted that he is the highest paid wrestler in the promotion, along with CM Punk. Tony Khan obviously thinks Jericho brings a lot to his organization.

With the news of Cody Rhodes departure, fans have been wondering what the other major AEW stars’ contract situations look like. Dave Meltzer addressed Jericho’s on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. Chris Jericho’s two-year extension option was picked up by AEW before the pandemic even started.

“Even Jericho, there’s an age situation, but he was picked up. Actually, Jericho signed his two-year extension. I don’t know if you know, but Jericho’s two-year [extension] was picked up in January 2020, so he’s under contract til January 2024.”


Chris Jericho is currently involved in a civil war within his Inner Circle faction. Le Champion’s feuds with MJF and Jon Moxley were both well-received by fans. There is still a lot Jericho can offer the company.

It is no surprise that Tony Khan extended Chris Jericho’s contract when he had the chance. Jericho brought legitimacy to a company that desperately needed it in its infancy. He will now continue to deliver that value until early 2024.

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