Matt Cardona is continuing to prove doubters wrong. The 36-year-old is busy beating opponents and taking their championships these days. Cardona latest match was against NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Trevor Murdoch on NWA PowerrrTrip,

Cardona recently appeared on Busted Open Radio to talk about his big title win. He said people take him for an outsider, but he’s the right guy to take the NWA to new heights. Cardona also spoke about his first title defense against former NWA Champion Nick Aldis at the upcoming Crockett Cup.

“You know, people think I’m the outsider in NWA, that I think NWA is a joke. I do thing it needs help. I do think it needs to be saved. I’m here… I’m the good guy here. I wanna bring NWA to new heights, and I’m not here trying to take it down, or burn it to the ground. I want to elevate it.

“I think I’m the perfect person for that. Nick did a great job. Trevor tried his best. The guy’s not even verified (on Twitter). How can he get things buzzing on social media if he’s not verified. So they need me and I’m here. So Billy, if you’re listening. I’m here for you Billy.”


Cardona is more than confident in his abilities to restore glory to one of the oldest active wrestling promotions in the world. We’ll have to wait and see how his match with Aldis unfolds at the Crockett Cup next month.

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Manik Aftab

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