Kofi Kingston has become famous for his gravity-defying Royal Rumble spots. Kofi has almost perfected the art of parkouring from chairs to tables and even other wrestlers while making spectacular saves in the Rumble match. This year, things went awry, and Kofi missed out on several other planned spots in the match.

Accidents sometimes happen in wrestling. The spot Kofi was attempting was risky from the start. Kingston knew he stood a good chance of hurting himself as he flew out of the ring.

The awkward landing spoiled the rest of the spots WWE had planned for Kofi in the Rumble. Kingston attempted to grab the barricade but slipped. The Week in Geek Radio recently caught up with the former WWE Champion, who said he was still experiencing pain from the attempt.

“It was definitely a risky move. I knew that I was going to be in pain, no matter what, whether I hit it or not. Unfortunately, I got the pain and didn’t get the benefit of actually doing what I wanted to do. The ribs are doing okay. My toe is actually in a lot of pain, which is really weird. I didn’t expect to come down with such velocity from that height.


Looking at it now, what did I expect? I don’t know. It’s all good. We’re still here, we’re still alive and kicking. It’s like I tell people all the time, especially now, with that example being that I didn’t get to stay in the Royal Rumble as long as I wanted to, I tell people that it’s so important to go out and try as hard as you can, even if there is a risk of failing. It might be a high risk of failing, you still have to go out and try. You can’t do anything epic without risk.”

Kofi Kingston has performed some spectacular things in Royal Rumble matches. This one didn’t work out the way he hoped. Kofi is fine with that. Kingston believes there’s no reward if there’s no risk.

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