AEW Star Miro used to work under the name of Rusev when he was in WWE. During his time in WWE, Miro simply did not have a very memorable run for the majority of his time in the company.

Miro would over organically with fans and WWE didn’t like that and would ruin his character by involving him with nonsensical feuds such as the love triangle storyline with his real-life wife Lana and Bobby Lashley.

Miro certainly doesn’t have a lot of good things about his time in WWE. While speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, Miro talked about how he was hired by WWE despite working with a torn ACL. Miro’s financial situation was so bad that he was not able to afford to get surgery at that time.

“I went to WWE developmental with a torn ACL. But they didn’t know that because once again, God, the man up there, Jesus Christ, protected me. I tore my ACL even before I went to developmental. I went to my tryout with a torn ACL. I just wrapped my knee with duct tape. You got to do what you got to do. I tore it one time in practice, and I don’t have the money to fix it. I was just wrestling on a torn ACL, which I’m sure that you have done before.


I got signed. They send you to these medical checks in Pittsburgh in your hometown. I go, and I lay down because I know they’re gonna come and check this. So I pray. I pray this entire time. Jesus, Lord, Our Father, please let it be ok. I already know that my ACL was torn, and I know that they’re returning people if you’re wrong. So the doctor comes in with a student. The whole time the doctor is kind of pay attention to the student and trying to explain to him things, blah, blah, blah. He sits down. pulls on my knee, pulls on my knee. He says I’m okay. I’m good to go.

I got signed and then later on, in developmental I was still duct-taping my knee and everything. In one match, my knee just gave out. I had somebody on my back [and] my knee gave out. They called me [to] the doctor to check me, to say you have torn ACL and I said, ‘Okay, let’s fix it.’”

Miro was also so happy that he was released by WWE that he started doing cartwheels. Miro has been absent for quite a while now, so it remains to be seen when he will appear on AEW television once again.

h/t to SEScoops for the quotes

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