Lita is a trailblazer for female performers in the wrestling world. She has paved the way for future generations of female pro wrestlers. Lita will face RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch in a one-on-one battle at Elimination Chamber, which will be her first real singles encounter with WWE since Survivor Series 2006.

Lita sat down with Ring the Belle to talk about a range of topics before her Elimination Chamber encounter with Big Time Becks. Lita claimed that she discovered out she was going to face Becky Lynch in a matter of days when she was asked about it.

Renee Young [Paquette] lives in Cincinnati. These [clothes from WWE Raw after Royal Rumble] are her clothes because that is how little time I had to prepare. They were like, ‘can you come?’ After St. Louis, I was supposed to go home. And on Sunday, I drove to Cincinnati and swung by Renee’s house. And I’m like, ‘girl what can I wear?’ Johnny Ace asked me. He’s like, ‘do you want to fight Becky?’ I’m like, ‘wait what? Like you know that I do. You know that she does.’ And he’s like, ‘how about in like two weeks?’

When asked what makes the battle versus Becky Lynch unique, Lita stated that she believes it is a generational clash because she sees herself in Lynch. When it came to playing in Saudi Arabia, Lita said she was loud in her opposition to the arrangement at first because no women were on the programs.


Now that they’ve arrived, she’d like to see what other ladies have accomplished at earlier events. Lita also discussed how she wasn’t supposed to be on RAW after the Royal Rumble and had to steal Renee Paquette’s outfit for the show. Check out her entire interview below.

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