Royal Rumble 2022 was a huge event for many WWE superstars. While Brock Lesnar emerged victorious in the PPV, other superstars such as Shane McMahon face the other end of things and ended up quietly being let go from the company.

Shane McMahon, however, had mix up with WWE superstar Randy Orton. As Ringside News reported exclusively that Shane McMahon tried to put himself over, and even wanted the very first spot.

McMahon and Orton’s places got reversed, which led to a lot of confusion about who would go on their assigned spot. Randy Orton had the spot #28 while McMahon hard to spot number 29th. As the places got reversed, McMahon did not know what to do.

Randy Orton handled it like a veteran and indicated to McMahon that he would go out to his own theme. Fightful Select reports that Orton actually ended up reacting hilariously to the mix-up, to the point that he was literally rolling on the floor due to laughter.


We’ve learned that verbal cue was Randy Orton immediately bursting into laughter at the error, to the point where he fell on the ground laughing at the situation — literally rolling on the floor, laughing his ass off.

Orton maintained his composure, however, and ended up Staying in the Royal Rumble for few minutes before he was eliminated. While many may think that audience reaction was a sign of disrespect, Fightful reports that his reaction was simply a fun way to release the tension from a hectic day.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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