AJ Styles has been touted as one of the best pro wrestlers by both fans and wrestlers alike. He has competed in numerous promotions all over the world, including the likes of TNA, NJPW and now WWE. It seems Styles addressed fans wanting him to hate pro wrestlers from other promotions.

Since his appearance in the 2016 Royal Rumble, AJ Styles has worked with numerous top names in the company including the likes of Roman Reigns, John Cena and several others.

For quite a while now, a large section of pro wrestling fans have developed a sense of tribalism, where they want pro wrestlers of one company to hate wrestlers in other companies.

While speaking with Ryan Satin for his Out Of Character podcast, AJ Styles addressed fans wanting him to hate professional wrestlers in other companies. Styles made it clear that he wants pro wrestlers from other companies to succeed in the end.


“I mean, I get it because they don’t like WWE or they don’t like the other competitors. They want it to be like that. The truth is, my best friends work in, you know, AEW or Impact Wrestling. I genuinely love the guys. So we want to see them succeed. We want [them] to do well. We both know that competition is good for everyone. So we want to see everyone succeed.

Even as a performer, you should want to kick you know, whoever is in your top slot’s butt, because that reflects on you. You’re doing well if you’re doing that, that’s not a bad thing. That’s a good thing. It makes everybody turn your game up a little bit more. Freaking have a little bit more fun.”

AJ Styles also recently stated that Edge is one of the last dream matches he can have in WWE. It remains to be seen when that will happen as fan would love to see the two legends duke it out inside the squared circle.

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