WWE started the push towards a huge battle between Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Hall of Famer Goldberg on the latest episode of SmackDown. Goldberg challenged the Tribal Chief in what will lead to an inevitable showdown at the Saudi Arabia Elimination Chamber event. The reaction thus far has been lukewarm, but WWE has been waiting to pull the trigger on the feud for years.

Roman Reigns has been the heir apparent to the top spot in WWE for years. The Big Dog recently reunited with Paul Heyman and is ready to heat up his championship run with some huge matches. Bill Goldberg will be one of the stops along the way.

Dave Meltzer discussed the upcoming Goldberg vs Roman Reigns match on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. It was noted that WWE has wanted Reigns to get a win against Goldberg for a long time. The setup has been in the works for years.

“Goldberg and Roman. Makes sense, they’ve been wanting to do that match. I don’t see Goldberg winning… Like, you could do, like have Brock Lesnar get his retribution, cost Goldberg the championship.


Then Goldberg could defend it. But I don’t see that happening. I think that Reigns just beats Goldberg because they’ve been wanting to have Reigns beat Goldberg for a couple years now.”

It sounds like WWE is hoping to continue to build Roman Reigns as an unstoppable force as his WrestleMania program with Brock Lesnar begins. Beating Goldberg would be a massive notch in Roman’s belt. WWE is hoping the match helps get Reigns over for a huge WrestleMania fight.

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