Nia Jax has had some controversial takes on wrestling since she was released by WWE. Jax was let go by the company after her refusal to be vaccinated for COVID-19 caused her to be unable to fulfill her contractual obligations to the company. Nia was also considered an unsafe wrestler by many fans.

Nia has her detractors, but she is never shy about telling people her side of the story. Many people would say that Nia Jax legitimately making Becky Lynch bleed from her face was a sign of her carelessness in the ring. Vince McMahon told her the exact opposite.

In a recent appearance on The Sessions with Renee Paquette, Nia talked about the night she busted Becky’s face. Jax didn’t even think it was Big Time Becks. Nia thought she was hitting Lana. Nia claims it was a fluke and that Vince McMahon loved it.

“SmackDown was invading Raw. The producer of that match, won’t name names, basically was like, ‘This needs to look real. Say sorry later.’ We were all like, ‘Cool. Let’s go. Let’s go have fun.’ Being the larger person, I feel that people are like, ‘Oh, we can hit the sh*t out of her, she’ll be fine,’ which is true. For the most part, I get wailed and I’m like, ‘Whatever, I’m okay.’ Right when they invaded, I feel everybody came after me, which is okay, but I was getting nailed in the back of my head. ‘Okay, I get it.’ Finally, I found Trin [Naomi], I love her, and I’m like, ‘Sis, let’s sit in the corner,’ just talking sh*t in the corner. I continue to get punched in the back of the head. ‘Good lord.’ I turn around and go to clear the person, my fist wasn’t closed, I didn’t punch her, but it did connect. I didn’t realize it was Becky, I thought it was Lana. I did that, didn’t realize anything happened. I got back to Trin, we keep going, I look around and I’m like, ‘There is blood everywhere. Oh crap, Becky is out.’ We go through the segment, everything happens, and I’m like, ‘Sh*t, was that me?’ Get backstage, she got taken to medical immediately and I’m worried about her. I’m also freaking out because they are slow replaying it, Kevin sends the replay to Vince in Gorilla. It’s replaying slow and they are cutting to every angle. ‘I’m so screwed.’ I go to check on her and of course, medical is like, ‘Everyone out, give her space.’


I go to Vince and go, ‘I’m so sorry.’ He’s laughing. I walk away, I’m texting Becky and making sure she’s okay. Just bugging the sh*t out of her. Of course, Becky is like, ‘I’m fine.’ Before Survivor Series, I had this cut on my knuckle, I don’t know if it was from the hit. I was texting [WWE social media guy] Mickie and he’s like, ‘You’re getting so much sh*t online.’ ‘Should I go with it?’ ‘Just run with it.’ I sent out a tweet, something stupid like, ‘Is anyone asking how my hand is doing?’ Of course, the internet went ablaze, and hated my guts. That night of Survivor Series, somebody else was supposed to go over, but it got back to Vince how much the internet was hating me that he changed the finish because he wanted the heat. When my music hit, the crowd was booing the sh*t out of me, it was insane. Vince was like, ‘All those babyfaces should be thanking you. We have a true legitimate heel here. You go out there, point at that fist, and smile.’ From then on, I just played into the role.”

Nia Jax feels like she didn’t get the support she needed from her family during her last days in WWE. For at least one night, she had the support of Vince McMahon. Nia benefitted from a mistake at least once during her run, after all.

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