Bea Priestley became Blair Davenport when she debuted for WWE NXT UK last Summer. The former independent star set out to make her mark on WWE’s overseas imprint. An unfortunate injury now has Davenport out of action for a while.

During a match with Meiko Satormura that was taped in December but only recently aired, Blair suffered an ankle injury. Fans did not find out about the incident until just this week. Fans have been wondering how the injury was kept secret for so long.

WWE banned Blair Davenport from posting anything about the injury. It was an old-school move that fans who don’t read spoilers would appreciate. Finally, after the show, Blair did post a photo on crutches on social media. Dave Meltzer discussed the social media ban in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

“Blair Davenport, the former Bea Priestley, suffered an ankle injury in the match that aired on NXT U.K. when she faced Meiko Satomura in a Japanese street fight. The match was taped in December. Davenport came off the top rope with a double foot stomp on Satomura, who was on the apron, with her legs under the ropes in the ring and her upper body on the apron.


She hit the move, then landed on the floor and started screaming in pain immediately. The match was stopped at 9:00 and it appeared they had 5-10 minutes left. Because of the nature of keeping results secret, she wasn’t allowed to post anything when she got hurt, but after it ended, posted a photo of herself with her foot in a cast an on crutches.”

Blair Davenport had finally earned her first title shot in WWE. Unfortunately, the match had to end early because of the injury. The search for gold in NXT UK will have to go on hold, for now.

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Michael Perry

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