The tale of WWE and Jeff Hardy has been as complex as it is compelling over the years. Hardy has had his share of rises and falls within the company. Jeff most recently walked out on WWE. The company then released Hardy but called back to offer Jeff Hall of Fame spot shortly thereafter. Jeff Hardy declined the invitation.

The Hardy Boyz are once again taking bookings as tag team. Fans around the United States are looking forward to the reunion. Jeff Hardy will officially become a free agent when his non-compete clause with WWE expires in early March.

WWE has taken advantage of Jeff Hardy’s problems in the past to help advance storylines. Former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. recently talked about one of those times on his Wrestling with Freddie podcast. Prinze said WWE leaked a fake story to the media to help advance a surprise in a television storyline.

“We even did an angle – I get mad at the way the media treats wrestling, I just always hated it – so we even pulled one on them where we took that Jeff storyline, of him being the screw-up that WWE had, and leaked a story that wasn’t even true, with Jeff’s permission, to CNN or somebody and they bought it.


If CNN hears this, ‘Ha! I got you suckers. Deal with that!’ It wasn’t even true. It was going to help us hide Jeff so that he could be this surprise entrance and make this match a triple threat.”

Volumes could be written about the wrestling journey of the Charismatic Enigma. That is part of what continues to make him a draw after all these years. Jeff Hardy is one wrestler that has always played by his own rules.

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