WWE has been feeling frustration backstage since last weekend’s Royal Rumble premium live event. Plans were changed throughout the day. Shane McMahon was reported to have gone on an ego-driven tinker fest on the day of the show, further frustrating the wrestlers. Even one major producer for the company could be reaching the end of his patience.

Tyson Kidd has worked with WWE’s women’s division as a producer over the years. The roster loves working with him. At Saturday’s Royal Rumble, Kidd was nowhere to be found. In fact, he’s been missing in action for several weeks.

Sean Sapp of Fightful recently addressed the issue on a Q&A podcast for Fightful Select. There have been a lot of conflicting reports about Tyson Kidd’s status within WWE. The details all had one common thread: Kidd has been frustrated and so have several of the women who prefer him as their producer.

“A few weeks ago I had heard that TJ Wilson had grown frustrated. The reason I didn’t run a story on this is because I had heard conflicting things from people that work with him, that are close with him, the company itself. So one person  who told me the information said, ‘Heard he wasn’t there, he didn’t show up, wasn’t happy with how things were going, and he’s no longer there.’


However, I follow up with WWE, I follow up with  people close to him and they say, ‘No, TJ is still with the company.’ A couple of weeks go by, he’s not listed on any of the internal producer’s lists. Now, Shane McMahon wasn’t listed as a producer either, but he helped produce the Royal Rumble, TJ Willson did not. To the point where there were women that were contacted for the Royal Rumble that said TJ isn’t doing it, I’m not doing it, and they brought in Fit Finlay.”

Tyson Kidd is the producer talent wants to work with. They respect his training and roots with the Hart family. For whatever reason, he hasn’t been around. WWE insists he’s still with the company. Those close to Tyson say he’s frustrated. Something will have to give eventually.

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Michael Perry

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