Chris Jericho thought it was time to break up The Inner Circle recently. The group isn’t in any active feud. Santana and Ortiz have been putting their interests first. Sammy Guevara is the reigning TNT Champion. Jericho’s group may have outlived its usefulness.

With only one tag team championship in AEW and several world-class teams, the factions have been lost in the shuffle over time. The Inner Circle is a microcosm of the issue with stables all over AEW. With only one real prize to compete for as teams, many wrestlers are being underused.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the issue with the factions of AEW using The Inner Circle as an example. It was pointed out that Chris Jericho pitched a breakup of the group, but Tony Khan preferred a loose affiliation rather than a breakup angle. It has wrestlers like Santana and Ortiz stuck in neutral.

“Jericho had wanted to split up The Inner Circle at one point not all that long ago and Tony Khan was like, ‘No, no, you don’t have to like, do a bunch of angles together, but we’ll keep the affiliation.’


But now, with Sammy as TNT Champion, and as a babyface, and you know, with all these, the way that they do babyfaces who are champions like what happened with Page, where they just have people come in and beat them up to build up title matches… It kind of makes no sense for him to be in The Inner Circle because The Inner Circle never helps. And if they did, it would be like gang warfare and I think that’s not what they want with Sammy right now. So… We’ll see how this all turns out. And then, Santana and Ortiz…

You know, they could’ve gone for the tag team titles as part of The Inner Circle, but it just feels like, they talk about it so much. But, man, there’s so many teams there. I don’t know, man. They should’ve done a trios title or something. They’ll have teams that are going for the tag titles and they’ll have all these other teams that are just, kind of like, not going for championships that are like championship-level teams all over the place. I’m not advocating another set of tag team champions, I am definitely advocating a trios championship, though. I think they should’ve had that two years ago.”

We’ll see if Tony Khan is willing to consider a trios championship in the future. It could go a long way towards giving the many stables in AEW something to fight for.

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Michael Perry

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