NXT UK star Blair Davenport suffered an unfortunate injury as she tried to land after jumping from the top rope but failed to do so. The unplanned fall ended up giving a rather problematic injury to Davenport in her leg.

Meiko Satomura and Blair Davenport were engaged in a Japanese Street Fight match for the NXT UK Women’s Championship. The clip of the fall gives fans much to speculate about her injury.

Davenport jumps from one of the posts on the ring. She lands on Satomura’s back, but her fall seemed awkward. It looked as though she slipped, and after she fell on the ground, she clutched her leg and rolled to the side.

You can hear Davenport’s screams right after her fall. The referees ended up closing the match right after her fall. After witnessing the fall, one of the announcers added, “When any competitor gets hurt, regardless of how physical this match was, it’s tough to watch.”


Satomura ended up retaining her NXT UK Women’s Championship. Blair updated her fans about her injury and posted a picture of herself in the crutches on Twitter. While it’s not sure how much time she’ll take off the ring, fans are hoping that Davenport can make a swift return.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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