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We’re back in the Capitol Wrestling Centre and tonight’s NXT is to be headlined by the NXT Champion, Bron Breakker, teaming with Tommaso Ciampa to take on Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza of Legado del Fantasma. However another masssive match is set to take place, as Imperium face-off against Diamond Mine. This is a match that seems befitting of a TakeOver but we’re getting it tonight!

Elsewhere, Cora Jade faces Raquel Gonzalez in a bid to prove they can be tag team partners in Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Speaking of which, the men’s Dusty Cup may continue tonight, although that has not been announced. NXT Vengeance Day is happening in two weeks time and we expect to see a lot of matches begin to take shape on tonight’s show.


That’s the preview for tonight’s NXT. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!

NXT 2.0

This week’s NXT opens with Gunther leading the line for Imperium. The fans chant “Walter” as the trio enter the ring.

Imperium vs. Diamond Mine W/Malcolm Bivens & Ivy Nile

Before the bell can ring, Imperium attack Diamond Mine and they all brawl around the ring. The match does get underway with Fabia Aichner and Brutus. Aichner attempts a shoulder tackle but Brutus doesn’t budge, then lifts and slams him. Roderick Strong hasn’t made it back to the apron yet but the Creed Brothers keep Aichner isolated in their corner and utilize quick tags.

Aichner catches Brutus on his shoulders and hits a rolling fireman’s carry. Barthel tags in and he grabs an arm submission on Brutus. With Barthel hanging on, Brutus gets up and hits a spinebuster, then some gorund-and-pound. Julius tags in and continues the offence but Barthel hits a snapmare and a running kick to the chest before posing. Barthel hits a kick in the corner, then an underhook suplex and an elbow drop from the middle rope.

Gunther tags in and chops Julius down, then lands some clubbing forearms before tagging Barthel back in. Creed hits a suplex and both Strong and Aichner get tags. Strong lands a series of chops and a backbreaker, then hits Gunther on the apron. Strong with some running forearms to Aichner leaning on the ropes, but Gunther tags in and clocks him with a lariat.

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We return to see Julius Creed tag in and run riot over Barthel. Aichner tags in but the Creed Brothers hit a double spinebuster. Gunther breaks the pin, then tags in with Strong and they trade blows. Strong connects with a dropkick before tagging Brutus. Gunther elbows Brutus as Aichner and Barthel drag Strong to the outside and send him into the steel steps.

Everyone knocks each other down on the outside until we’re left with Gunther and Brutus in the ring. The crowd are firmly behind Brutus as Gunther grabs him with a sleeper. Brutus slings Gunther off and looks for a clothesline but it’s blocked by the general. Brutus eats a few chops to the chest, then a powerbomb and Gunther covers Brutus for the win.

Winners: Imperium

LA Knight is backstage talking about Grayson Waller. He says Waller is terrified of the ass kicking that is coming his way but no restraining order will stop it. Joe Gacy and Harland approach Knight and Gacy says he can help Knight get over his obsession with Waller. Knight says he’d like the three of them to head out to the ring later tonight and see if he can’t get two more restraining orders.

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Toxic Attraction come to the ring. Jacy Jayne says that, at Vengeance Day, they’ll put the Women’s Tag Team Titles on the line against Persia Pirotta and Indi Hartwell. Mandy Rose goes to speak but out comes Kay Lee Ray and she says it’s time she got her title shot. Mandy says no and Ray says she suspected as much, so how about she bashes their brains in with her bat?

Mandy asks Jacy and Gigi to leave and Ray to drop the bat, which she does. Ray gets in the ring and says she is the longest reigning women’s champion of the modern era and she deserves a shot. Mandy says she doesn’t care about that, she wants to talk about herself. She says she’s been on magazine covers, billboards, bikini world champion, and she is the epitome of what every woman wants to be.

Ray says none of that compares to her dominating a continent while Rose was slipping on the stage at WrestleMania and sucking the face off Otis. Rose says look at her now, she’s the hottest thing in the company. So allow how to be transparent with Ray… all of the talent in the world could never replace her. Ray says she will have her title match by the end of the night. Rose says doubtful, but then Ray slaps her across the face. Ray grabs her baseball bat and Toxic Attraction high-tail it.

Cora Jade is interviewed backstage and she says wants to prove she is tough enough tonight. She goes on about facing Gonzalez tonight and says she might get her ass kicked, but she will give Gonzalez all she has and prove to her she has what it takes to compete with the best here in NXT, and that they can with The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic after she proves herself. Gonzalez walks up and says Jade can still back out of the match, but Jade is ready to lock up.

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We see Toxic Attraction leaving the building and they’re stopped for an interview. Gigi and Jacy get into an SUV while Mandy tells the interviewer that Ray can’t bully her way into a title fight. Mandy goes to get into the SUV but the door is locked. The driver window rolls down and Ray is inside. She smiles and says she’ll bring them back soon and drives off!

Cora JAde Vs. Raquel Gonzalez

The match begins and Jade runs into Raquel and she doesn’t budge. Raquel asks if Cora is trying to waste her time. Raquel swings for her but Cora ducks it and hits a dropkick. Gonzalez throws Jade overhead and covers her for a two-count. She backs Jade into the corner and shouts in her face that she’s not good enough.

Jade starts firing back and attempts a crossbody but gets caught and planted with a spinning sidewalk slam. Gonzalez slams Jade again and gets another two-count and she’s getting frustrated. Raquel grabs the traps of Cora and tries to make her submit but Jade counters with a jawbreaker. Raquel gets Jade in a gory bomb before running her upside down into the buckles.

Jade slaps Rauqle across the face and attempts another crossbody but again she’s caught. Raquel attempts the spinning sidewalk slam again but this time Jade grabs her with a black widow submission! Raquel fights it and slams her. Gonazlez goes to the middle rope, looking for the spinning Vader bomb but Jade rolls out of the way.

Jade wants a headscissors but Raquel grabs her and looks for snake eyes but Jade slides off and shoves her into the buckles. Jade rolls her up for a two-count, then lands a kick to the face. Cora hits a tornado DDT using the ropes in the corner for a two-count. Jade hits a slam and she has Raquel reeling. She looks for a running knee against the ropes but Raquel counters with the Chingona Bomb for the win.

Winner: Raquel Gonzalez

After the match Gonzalez helps Jade to her feet and tells her the two of them are going to win the Dusty Cup.

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We see a video package of the recent feud between Pete Dunne and Tony D’Angelo. Dunne mocks him and says they need to settle this once and for all… inside a steel cage.

Sarray is back. She walked backstage dressed as a schoolgirl, then walked through the curtain and suddenly she was in wrestling gear thanks to a shining necklace. I guess if we can have zombies we can have magical schoolgirls.

Sarray Vs. Kayla Inlay

Sarray looks for a handshake at the outset but Inlay slaps it away. Sarray sends her to the ropes and hits a headscissors. Sarray connects with a elbow in the corner, then a hip toss. Sarray with another hip toss and Inlay tries to trap her in the corner to no avail. Sarray with a few strikes to the chest and a shot to the gut. Sarray drops Inlay on the bottom rope, then connects with a dropkick, followed by a Saito suplex for the win.

Winner: Sarray

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Bron Breakker is appraoched by Tommaso Ciampa backstage and thanks him for his help last week. Ciampa says he told him the top of the mountain is a lonely place and you don’t understand that until you’re there. Breakker says he respects that and Ciampa. Tommaso says he wants to ensure Breakker remains Champion. Bron says they’re going to rip Legado del Fantasma in half.

North American Champion, Carmelo Hayes, and Trick Williams make their way to the ring. Trick says Tony D’Angelo can’t beat Cameron Grimes and he thinks he can handle the A Champion? Same for Grimes who couldn’t hack it. Hayes says he won’t verbally run Grimes down because he is a true threat to him, even if the fans don’t like him. And that’s why he’s putting more work in in the gym, in the ring, and on OllieJayy.

Hayes says he will always be looking down on Grimes. Cameron Grimes makes his way out and Trick calls him a bum. He says he’s going to take his boot off and kick his slimy ass with it. Cameron says he isn’t slimy, he’s grimy. Grimes says Melo’s hair looks like Spongebob’s house, which must make Trick Squidward. And he saw both men on Instagram looking at OllieJayy’s bikini bottoms.

Trick practically raps at Grimes and he says he didn’t catch a word of that, but he wonders which one of them is the Chmpion. Hayes says that Grimes will find out in two weeks because he’s going to shoot for the moon and take the stars as casualties. Hayes and Trick leave but Grimes says it’s funny he mentioned stars because in two weeks it will be a one star match, and that star is going to the moon.

Edris Enofe and Malik Blade are sitting backstage talking about their affection for Mandy Rose. Enofe asks what Blade would do if she were there right now and before he can answer, Mandy bursts through the door and falls on his lap. Kay Lee Ray comes in heind her with the bat and the two of them start brawling before disappearing. Enofe is excited and wants to run after them to watch but Malik says he needs a minute before he can stand up.

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Diamond Mine is interviewed backstage. Malcolm Bivens says pressure makes diamonds and they’re going to reach new heights when they win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. The Creed Brothers says they will face Imperium soon enough and next time it will be for the NXT Tag Team Titles. The Grizzled Young Veterans appear and say Bivens is a terrible manager because he’s distracting his boys from the Dusty Cup and making their lives easier.

LA Knight Vs. Joe Gacy W/Harland

The match starts and Knight strikes hot with a clothesline, running neckbreaker and backs Gacy into the corner. Knight hits a running clothesline and takes a minute to gloat. Gacy lands a few strikes of his own and something of a Rock Bottom. Gacy keeps Knight on the mat and applies a submission. Knight fights up but Gacy clocks him with a forearm and hits a back suplex.

Gacy punches Knight against the ropes and delivers a knee to the gut. Gacy backs Knight into the corner and targets his left leg. Gacy looks for a running splash but Knight avoids it and hits a neckbreaker. Knight ducks a punch and hits a powerslam and an elbow drop. Knight wants his finish but Gacy shoves him out of the ring.

Suddenly Grayson Waller’s bodyguard appears and Knight is distracted, then Waller catches him with the rolling Stunner from behind the barricade. The referee counts and Knight is down on the floor. He just makes it back into the ring at the count of nine but Gacy hits a handspring lariat for the win.

Winner: Joe Gacy

After the match Waller and his bodyguard get in the ring. Waller taunts Knight but LA punches him. Knight lands a few shots before the bodyguard grabs and chokeslams him. Waller says if Knight can beat the bodyguard next week, he’ll think about lifting the restraining order.

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Robert Stone and Von Wagner are backstage. Stone says he’s wasted time with people he thought would take him to the top but left him high-and-dry. Then he saw the monster that is Von Wagner. So he gladly paid his fines because the two of them are going straight to the top. Who’s going to stop them? Nobody, because this is Von Wagner’s world and we’re just living in it.

Wendy Choo Vs. Amari Miller

Before the match begins we see a clip from earlier today where Tiffany Stratton promised Miller she would take her shopping if she beat the “freak” Wendy Choo tonight. They get going and Choo dodges Miller and lays on the mat in a sleeping post. Wendy grabs the leg and holds onto it while trying to sleep. Miller kicks her and Wendy gets annoyed.

Wendy lands a dropkick and a sleep-pose elbow drop for a two-count. Amari lands a few shots but Choo fights back with some lariats and a belly-to-belly. Choo connects with a handpsring splash in the corner. Choo grabs a sleeper but Amari throws her off and connects with a Codebreaker for a near-fall. Stratton comes out and slides a credit card to Miller but Choo rolls her up for a near-fall. Choo hits a running sleep smack for the win.

Winner: Wendy Choo

After the match Stratton isn’t happy and asks for her credit card back. Miller says she doesn’t have it. Wendy Choo pulls out the credit card on the ramp and dances with it while Stratton screams.

Persia Pirotta is backstage when Mr. and Mrs. Lumis appear. Indi berates Persia for being on Duke Hudson’s Instagram again. Dexter gives Hudson a thumbs down. Brooks Jensen appears and asks Lumis for some dating advice but Hartwell tells him they’re all about non-verbal communcation. Lumis looks at her and Indi gets hot-and-bothered and says they need to get into the hot tub right away. They leave and Brooks is stunned. Persia says she isn’t interested in him and Brooks says he’s after Kayden Carter anyway.

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Schoolgirl Sarray is backstage for an interview. She wants to dedicate her win tonight to her grandmother. The necklace she wears is from her grandmother and when she wears it she can do anything. Dakota Kai appears and laughs at her, then says no matter how strong a relationship is the sun always sets.

Andre Chase W/Bodhi Hayward Vs. Draco Anthony

The bell rings and and they lock-up. Chase uses the ropes for an assisted arm-drag, then shouts that this is a teachable moment. Draco grabs a headlock but Chase shoots him off. Anthony looks to leap-frog Chase but gets caught with an inverted atomic drop. Draco catches Andre with a powerslam for a two-count. Anthony lands some knees to the gut and an overhead suplex for a near-fall.

Chase fights up from a submission and hits a Russian leg sweep. Chase stomps Anthony while his students chant along. Draco kicks him back and grabs the Chase University flag and stands on it! Hayward rips the flag away and Andre attacks Anthony in the corner. Chase stomps him over-and-over before slamming him into the buckles and hitting a reverse Russian leg sweep for the win.

Winner: Andre Chase

Mandy Rose is still on the run from Kay Lee Ray and she enters a cafeteria area and makes everyone else leave. Rose sits at a bar and drinks water but Ray appears behind her and dumps spaghetti on her head. Ray then slams a cake into Rose’s face. Mandy asks why’s doing this and Ray says she knows why before pelting her with more spaghetti.

*Commercial Break*

Bron Breakker & Tommaso Ciampa Vs. Legado Del Fantasma

We start proceedings with Wilde and Ciampa and they lock-up. Ciampa grabs the back and takes Wilde down but he fights up and throws Ciampa off. Wilde dances and Ciampa applauds him before chopping him in the chest. Ciampa grabs a side headlock. Wilde tags Mendoza and CIampa immediately grabs a headlock on him as well. Mendoza shoots Ciampa off and knocks him down. Mendoza chops Ciampa into the corner but Tommaso turns the tables and beats him down.

Ciampa looks for a running knee but Mendoza rolls out of the ring. Ciampa and Escobar stare each other down. Wilde tags in and Breakker does on the other side. Wilde shoots but Bron grabs a front facelock. Breakker gets shot off but grabs Wilde for a stalling suplex, then Ciampa rushes in and grabs Mendoza for a stalling suplex of his own. Ciampa and Breakker sit together in the ring and both applaud themselves.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Breakker catches Wilde with a stiff clothesline. Breakker goes outside to roll Wilde back in but Santos Escobar then slams Breakker into the steps as the referee is busy. Back inside, Wilde kicks Breakker in the face for a two-count, then he and Mendoza keep him isolated in the corner and hit repeated clotheines with lots of tags.

Mendoza hits an enziguiri and tags Wilde for a double suplex and they earn a two-count. Wilde grabs a front facelock and keeps Bron down but he eventually throws him overhead and makes the tag to Ciampa. Wilde eats clotheslines, then Mendoza comes in and he does as well. Mendoza and Wilde get caught with a double clothesline from Ciampa and he tags Breakker. Ciampa throws Wilde up and over his head and Breakker catches him with a powerslam.

Santos Escobar gets on the apron to cause a distraction, allowing Mendoza to drop Breeakker. Mendoza goes to the top rope and hits a 450 splash for a near-fall. Escobar looks shocked. Mendoza looks for another splash but nobody’s home, then Breakker connects with a spear! Breakker covers but Wilde kicks him in the head to break it. Wilde goes to the top rope but Ciampa jumps up and shoves him off, causing Wilde to crash through the announce desk! Breakker hits the powerslam for the win.

Winners: Bron Breakker & Tommaso Ciampa

After the match Bron Breakker seems to be favouring his left arm and not even using it to hold the belt. Santos Escobar gets on the apron and stares at Bron. Breakker lays the belt down between them and tells him to bring it but Santos gets off the apron. Breakker and Ciampa pose together.

Mandy Rose comes crawling down the ramp and Kay Lee Ray is walking after her with the baseball bat. Mandy gets in the ring and Ray tells her she doesn’t want to wait until Vengeance Day, she wants her title shot next week. Rose finally agrees to the match and Ray thanks her before superkicking her. Ray lifts Rose for a gory bomb, then poses with the NXT Women’s Championship.

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe.

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