The Miz has been a busy man lately. He stars on his own reality show with his wife, Maryse. The couple also took on Edge and Beth Phoenix in mixed tag team grudge match at last weekend’s WWE Royal Rumble. Miz has been grinding and earning respect as a WWE superstar ever since his first day in the company.

That kind of hard work and longevity mean The Miz has seen it all in WWE. Miz even headlined WrestleMania against John Cena. Few are as qualified as he is to discuss the performers in the company.

The Miz recently appeared as a guest on The Ringer podcast. The topic of the best technical wrestler in WWE came up. Miz hesitated but said he believes Randy Orton is at the top of the list.

“There’s a handful of people that were there that are still here. You know Kofi, Dolph, myself, Randy full time, full time, you know, superstars. Edge is obviously there as well, but he comes and goes. Honestly man I’ll tell you what, this thing with, you talk about Randy. I think no one I think is better in the ring technically than Randy Orton.


Like just his maneuvers and the things, the moves, and the in-betweens on what he does in his moves that really set him apart from everybody else. And I don’t know if people, I think everyone notices it. But for a person, as a WWE Superstar, that’s done this for such a long time. To see the level that he’s elevating and he just keeps going higher and higher, and it’s just pretty incredible.”

Orton and The Miz have worked together several times in the past. Miz took plenty of pointers from The Viper during his reign as WWE Champion. Randy Orton is untouchable in the mind of The Miz.

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