AEW put on a phenomenal show with this week’s Dynamite: Beach Break special. Fans were thrilled to see the debut of Danhausen. There was also an incredible TNT Championship match that saw Sammy Guevara become the undisputed title holder. Adam Cole and Orange Cassidy also continued their war with a Lights Out match. The only thing that had fans confused was the choice of venue.

Cleveland, Ohio in January is not exactly what you think of when you bring up beaches. AEW even made fun of the situation by having a segment on the shore while the beach was covered in snow. AEW fans were wondering why Beach Break didn’t take place at a more appropriate location.

The original plan was for the special event to be more like the classic WCW Spring Breakout episodes of Nitro that aired annually from Club La Vela in Panama City Beach, Florida. Dave Meltzer outlined the idea on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio.

“Don’t you think that Beach Break should’ve been in like, Panama City? You know, when Tony Khan started the promotion, one of the ideas was that, in fact, Beach Break would be at Club La Vela, which I think was in Panama City. I don’t even think it exists anymore.

But the idea of doing that, that’s where this whole idea of Beach Break came from was the Spring Break show that WCW Nitro used to do every year. And this was certainly not that by any means.”

Most fans simply laughed at the idea of Beach Break being in Ohio in the middle of winter. AEW still put on quite a show for the fans in Cleveland. Tony Khan might consider doing the event in a warmer locale next year.

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Michael Perry

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