Jon Moxley’s return to AEW was highly anticipated by fans. Mox delivered with a fiery promo that even included some questionable language for prime-time TV. The former AEW World Champion said he was refocused and ready to make a major impact.

One person in the Washington, DC crowd decided to make a tasteless mockery of Jon Moxley’s very personal situation. Moxley immediately addressed the fan, telling them to “Go f*ck” themself on a live mic. It was a reminder that there can be bad apples in any crowd, even during a very serious moment.

The situation was discussed on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. Dave Meltzer pointed out what the fan said and compared it to another famous heckling moment. Bret Hart’s promo shortly after the death of his brother, Owen Hart, seemed a reasonable comparison.

“He’s walking to the ring and everyone’s cheering him like crazy. And there’s always one person. Do you remember when Owen Hart died… And Bret Hart came back, I think it might have been in Atlanta, but the city is irrelevant where it was. Bret Hart comes back. People are cheering him and everything like that, first appearance since Owen Died, and one person… Out of like, however many thousands of people there, catcalled him.


I just remember him telling me, I talked to him like, I think it was the day or two after this. It was right after. And, he said, ‘I had this great promo,” and… This one guy cat called him and it was like, ‘These people don’t deserve this promo.’ And it was like, it was one person. That’s what it was, ‘These people don’t deserve that promo,’ and he didn’t do the promo.

Moxley wasn’t like that, he heard the one person out of all these people, and he said. He booed him and said, ‘Get this drunken piece of trash out of the ring.’ And Moxley heard it and Moxley says, like, you know, like, ‘F*ck you, get out of here.’ And it’s just like… There’s always one idiot in the crowd, but it’s like, of all the things to say on this day to that person.”

Jon Moxley not only handled the disrespectful spectator, but he also caused a huge buzz. The network is probably not completely thrilled with the f-bomb. Moxley was obviously having a very emotional moment and likely wasn’t thinking about standards and practices.

What do you think of the way Jon Moxley handled this heckler? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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