Karrion Kross (now known as Killer Kross) was released from his WWE contract in November. Since then there has been a lot going on in his career. Kross is looking to take the independent circuit by storm.

Karrion Kross was one of the top Superstars in NXT, which led to him becoming a two-time NXT Champion. However, in comparison, his run on Monday Night RAW was abysmal, to say the least. 

Karrion Kross recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet. The question of Karrion Kross’ main roster debut came up during the discussion. Kross’ character had only minor changes made to it when he initially appeared on RAW, but weeks later, he was sporting new ring attire that comprised a unique helmet, harness, and trunks.

I don’t know what I can really say about it. We all kind of, I mean trust me, we were all, all of us, me, you, everybody, I was living it, we were all watching the same thing and kind of going, ‘what is going on here?’ I, my thought process was just like, the ideas and concepts were introduced to me, that there would be this master plan behind it.. You gotta understand it from my point of view, look at the guys I’ve been working with. They’re all incredible and being in the machine, even management, writers, everybody, the medical team. I was just used to a certain type of pre-meditated energy. You know, so I assumed with this, it would be there tenfold because it’s the flagship show.


So I had reservations about how far this was going to go and what would wind up happening to me but, in the beginning, I was trying to be optimistic. It was like, hopefully, there are wheels on this thing and people plan to, you know, do something with it, that had some sort of extension of continuity for people watching because continuity is very important in pro wrestling and in storytelling.

Karrion Kross debuted new mask after he lost the NXT Championship. Since his first day on the main roster, he was seen without his fiancée Scarlett. Kross also revealed who came up with the idea of his mask.

The most bizarre part about it was the transition of the outfit and the lack of explanation that we failed to provide to the audience. Because as I said before, not at all to be redundant, it’s just continuity is extremely important, especially in storytelling. We’re conditioning the audience. You know, they are expecting to be, to have things explained.

Kross’ mask was a subject of ridicule for many. This is because his new attire on the main roster made him feel like he was wearing a gimp suit, according to many fans. Even Karrion Kross hated the helmet.

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H/T to Wrestling Inc. for quotes.

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