CM Punk is one of the biggest stars in professional wrestling. There’s a reason Punk is known as “The Best in the World.” His ability to tell stories in the ring has connected with fans for decades. That connection has always had strict boundaries for Punk.

Those boundaries were recently crossed when Punk told off autograph chasers at the airport. The Chicago native has a long history of being unhappy when he’s approached by fans during travel. This time, he invoked the COVID-19 pandemic as one reason he isn’t happy to be bothered.

Another fan tried to call CM Punk a hypocrite by sharing a GIF of him stage diving into the crowd during his AEW entrance. Punk responded by saying that everybody at the show had to be vaccinated to get in and that it occurred before the spread of the Omicron variant of the virus. Fans have been giving their take on Punk’s response online ever since.

“I think it’s bad to do it at airports and shows but some wrestlers don’t care like edge and cm punk but it bugs me he’s using the Covid card to make the other people come off as assholes when he’s said before he doesn’t like taking pictures with fans unless they’re kids”


“Maybe you but most of people would read that tweet & think, “Wow! CM Punk had a great connection with his fans!.” and move on. Do you really most people would tweet him saying, “Ewww, Punk! You need to stay away from fans! Save those times for when they pay $200 at ComicCon!””

“Of course this is the only thing nerd fans of aew and wwe alike take umbrage with, the one thing CM Punk is absolutely right about…just ridiculous.”

“CM Punk gets angry at someone stalking him and the fucking WWE drones come out of the woodworks to make fun of him, AEW is rent free in the minds of people who don’t like it lmao”

The reaction to Punk’s statements was decidedly mixed. A lot of the responses seemed to depend on whether the writer was an AEW fan or not. CM Punk is entitled to his privacy. Punk is also a well-known public figure. Wrestlers walk a fine line when they become popular beyond their wildest dreams.

Do you agree or disagree with CM Punk about fans approaching him at the airport? Let us know in the comments!

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