Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik have been a prominent part of WWE since Dom debuted full-time in 2020. Another Mysterio could be on the way to the ring in the near future. Aalyah Mysterio has received screen time on WWE television in the past and she’s still going hard in the gym.

There have been speculations of a breakup and even a possible quarrel between the father and son on a regular basis. Rey previously stated that he would never wrestle Dominik, but in the realm of wrestling, nothing is ever certain. Before Dominik’s entrance in WWE, the elder Mysterio indicated he was ready to call off a career. Working with his son gave Rey a sense of rejuvenation.

Rey Mysterio is also willing to train his daughter Aalyah Mysterio if she wants to become a wrestler. Apparently Aalyah is going hard in the gym for some preparations. She can be seen pulling some serious weights in the video uploaded on her recent Instagram story.

Rey recently discussed his career with TVInsider. He claimed that his daughter Aalyah recently inquired about the former WWE Champion’s thoughts on her entering the squared circle.


In 2020, during Dominik and Rey Mysterio’s feud with Murphy and Seth Rollins, Aalyah Mysterio made her WWE televised debut. Before the storyline was deleted, the 19-year-old was briefly involved in a love relationship with Murphy.

As you can see in the video below, that was uploaded to her Instagram story, Aalyah is working hard in the gym, so who knows what she might be planning? She certainly knows who to call if she wants to try her hand at pro wrestling.

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