Big Swole, ex-AEW wrestler, made headlines by attacking Tony Khan publicly. She stated that AEW wasn’t at all racially diverse enough. Of course, Tony Khan would weigh-in – also publicly – defending the product that he puts forth. This started quite the whirlwind of controversy online, as was probably expected. Of course, we covered all of this in detail.

Many attacked Tony Khan; one person in particular was of course Lio Rush. Yet there are those coming to the defense of Khan, his product and the diversity it offers to one and all. Ruby Soho decided to weigh-in on her current boss, and decided to publicly tackle quite the controversial topic in her own way.

It was while she spoke with the New York Post that she offered these viewpoints on the matter:

“I can only speak from my personal perspective. My personal perspective and my experience has showed me with Tony Khan. Tony giving me a lot of creative freedom to be able to be the exact person that I want to be and to represent myself, the exact way that I want to be represented.


That’s really all I can speak to, and that’s the experience that I have. Having the creative freedom that I was not granted before and to be trusted. I’m grateful for that and that’s something as a performer that I do not take for granted by any means.”

She also had a few words to say on the entirety of the women’s division, which pertains to the aforementioned comment in so many ways.

“I think we’re on our way. The amazing street fight that just took place on Rampage is one thing that everybody’s talking about right now and those women put on an incredible performance. I think the TBS title is elevating our division past the point we thought was possible at this point.

We are taking these strides every single week. It’s not just once in a while, it’s every week we are taking strides and making history and taking steps towards building this division to be the best it possibly can.”

In the end, many have come to Tony Khan’s defense. These are sensitive times and that’s across the board – many of the arts and sports fields. Anything said is scrutinized and scrutinized again and again. Sadly, a lot of what’s said online is taken at face value, but the comments made by those who have come to the defense of Khan and AEW prove that facts should be scrutinized in detail before a backlash is unleashed.

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