AEW took the world by storm back in 2019 as it was the first pro wrestling company in a very long time that made waves in the pro wrestling world as a form of competition for WWE. It was certainly a risky endeavor as well because there was always the chance it was going to end up being a huge failure. It seems AEW has its fair share of ego clashes as well.

There is no doubt that AEW has a very deep and diverse roster of talented in-ring performers from all over the world, incorporating various styles of pro wrestling. Khan even compared it to WCW’s 1997 roster.

With a roster as diverse as AEW’s, the likelihood of backstage conflicts is inevitable. While speaking with Fite TV’s Fite in Focus, AEW TNT Champion Cody Rhodes talked about AEW’s current crop of talents, both young and old. He also admitted that the company has egos and conflicts backstage.

“It’s also wonderful to see. Tony, I think, calls them the new face of AEW, kind of a new generation. He talks about these new free agents, which is a wonderful dichotomy from the OGs, from the original. And that also creates great wrestling and great stories, to mix and match those characters and dip those toes into different sets of water.

I imagine it will be our biggest and most successful year yet. And I hope fans don’t take that as me being arrogant or anything of that nature. We continue to grow for three years and I don’t see us stopping, because we love it too much. We genuinely do. If you come backstage at AEW, there is no place like it. It has its own egos and problems, people not liking each other. But for the most part, that’s the most team effort place that I have been part of in my life.”

Khan also recently revealed how important it was to grow AEW’s roster this year. The AEW President also admitted he needs to be more discerning with his future AEW signings. It remains to be seen what plans Tony Khan has in store for fans in the coming months.

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