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Last night was the first-ever Day 1 PPV and we were left reeling after Roman Reigns was pulled from the event due to COVID-19, Brock Lesnar was then put in the WWE Championship match, and the Beast overcame Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Bobby Lashley and the Champion, Big E, in order to walk out of Day 1 with the gold. It remains to be seen if Lesnar will be on tonight’s RAW, but the fallout is sure to be interesting regardless.

Elsewhere last night, Edge defeated The Miz with the help of his wife, Beth Phoenix, RK-Bro retained the RAW Tag Team Championship’s over the Street Profits, and Becky Lynch retained the RAW Women’s Championship over Liv Morgan once again. Edge Vs. Miz could very well continue for another month but it seems RK-Bro and Becky Lynch are in need of new opponents.

And that’s the preview for tonight’s RAW where we begin the build towards the Royal Rumble. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!



RAW opens with a look back at the end of the Day 1 PPV, where Brock Lesnar captured the WWE Championship in a hellacious Fatal 5-Way match after Roman Reigns was forced out of the PPV due to COVID-19.

Tonight we will have a Fatal 4-Way between Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Bobby Lashley, and Big E to determine who faces Brock at Royal Rumble later this month. The lights go out in the arena and when they return, Paul Heyman is standing there, much to the disappointment of the fans. He introduces himself, then says he’d like to introduce us to his client and the new reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Champion of the world.

Lesnar does a lap of the ring, the hands the title to Heyman before taking the steel steps and throwing them into the ring. Lesnar gets in the ring and stands on the steps while holding the title. He takes the microphone from Heyman and says he’d like to give a shout-out to his buddy, Roman Reigns. He’s probably sitting at home, tuned in to RAW, and watching the real Champion. Lesnar tells him to get well soon, then asks South Carolina to acknowledge him.

Lesnar says he’d like to acknowledge his advocate for all the strings he pulled in making him a free agent and getting him in the title match on Saturday. Heyman says all the strings were pulled and Brock got to make the match a Fatal 5-Way, so what does he do now? He focuses on reigning and defending, which he will do at the Royal Rumble. So who will he face?

There’s the tandem of Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins, the hyena’s who went for the lions of the jungle, and that was a smart plan for someone as dumb as Seth Rollins. Heyman says Seth isn’t much of a visionary because he should foresee that his wife will leave him when he gets beat by the Beast, and who will she shack-up with next? Well it won’t be a lying coward like Kevin Owens. Heyman says Roman Reigns is vulnerable without him and karma is a bitch, which is why he has COVID.

As for Bobby Lashley? Well Brock Lesnar has never beat Bobby Lashley. And when they met last night, Lashley tackled Lesnar through the barricade. When they met again, Lashley speared Brock and put him in the Hurt Lock. And it didn’t look like Brock was going to get out until Big E intervened. The only thing is, every time Lashley got one-up on Lesnar it was from a blindside. Things would be different if it was one-on-one.

And then there’s Big E. An absolutely great Champion who would definitely have won the Fatal 4-Way but didn’t stand a chance when Brock Lesnar was added. Regardless, Big E is phenomenal and should he win the match tonight, it will be an honour for Brock to face him at the Royal Rumble. Heyman says it doesn’t matter who wins the match tonight because Brock will enter the Royal Rumble as the WWE Champion, and leave as Champion.

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Riddle appraoches Randy Orton backstage. Randy asks where the Hell he’s been and ridicules Riddle’s attire, which is bling-heavy since he was hanging with Migos last night. Riddle suggests they start their own rap group but Randy makes him take the sunglasses and gold chains off. Orton asks what happened to the New Year’s resolutions, like listening to him? Last week Riddle listened and they beat Alpha Academy, then the Street Profits. So he needs to keep listening to him.

The RAW Tag Team Champions, RK-Bro, makes their entrance. Alpha Academy come out next and Gable says he hopes they’re enjoying things while they last because their title reign is coming to an end at the hands of the four most devastating letters in sports entertainment: O-T-I-S. Gable and Otis attack RK-Bro before the match begins. Otis dumps Riddle over the ropes, then goes out and hits a belly-to-belly on the floor!

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RK-Bro Vs. Alpha Academy

Back live and the match is already underway with Gable targeting the left leg of Riddle. Otis tags in and prevents Riddle making the tag, then hits him with a military press. Gable tags in and drops Riddle with a kick, then tags Otis and body slams Riddle so Otis can hit an elbow drop. Riddle knocks Gable off the apron and leaps over Otis.

Otis eats an enziguiri and Riddle leaps for the tag but Gable pulls Orton off the apron. Orton and Gable trade hands on the floor until Otis runs out and drops Randy with a body block. Otis gets back inside and Riddle attempts an RKO but Otis turns it into a body slam and scores a huge victory of the Tag Team Champions!

Winners: Alpha Academy

MVP and Bobby Lashley are interviewed backstage. MVP says the All Mighty has to overcome Herculean odds in order to face Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble. MVP walks off smiling and Lashley says Lesnar fears him.

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We see a video pacakge for AJ Styles Vs. Omos. Omos is interviewed backstage and asked how he reacts to AJ Styles. Omos puts his hand over the face of Kevin Patrick, showing the sheer size, and says that’s how he reacts.

Akira Tozawa and Tamina are in the ring for a mixed tag match. Dana Brooke and Reginald make their entrance and we see promos for other matches coming tonight.

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WWE 24/7 Championship

Akira Tozawa & Tamina Vs. Reginald & Dana Brooke

Reggie and Tozawa start this match where, if Dana Brooke gets pinned she loses the title. Akira dodges Reggie and hits him. He looks for a suplex but Reggie lands on his feet and hits a dropkick. Tozawa runs to kick Reggie in the corner but he dodges it and he hits Tamina! Furious, Tamina hits Tozawa, then Reggie jumps on him for the pinfall.

Winners: Reginald & Dana Brooke

We see highlights of Becky Lynch Vs. Liv Morgan for the RAW Women’s Championship from Day 1. Becky makes her way to the ring.

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Becky Lynch is in the ring and she says there’s something inspiring at New Year’s isn’t there? It doesn’t matter if you failed all year, once the clock strikes midnight you get a clean slate. And she knows all the women in the back have “become RAW Women’s Champion” at the top of their New Year’s resolutions lists. Well unforunately for them, she has “remain RAW Women’s Champion” at the top of her list.

Becky continues that she is the standard and the only constant. She cannot be beat and when she takes a step back to look at her career she realises she has become a work of art. She says when you go to a museum and look at a good painting, you might not understand the complexities or what went into making it, but it makes you feel something. And that’s exactly what she does, she makes us feel something. She’s the Vincent Van Goat.

Lynch says the fans won’t do any of their resolutions, just like the women in the locker room won’t achieve theirs. Just look at Liv Morgan as an example, who failed to live-up to her goals on the first day of the year. Morgan comes out and says New Year, new ugly jacket, and same delusional Becky. She knows she came up short at Day 1, nobody is harder on her than herself. But she also knows how close she came to winning it, and so does Becky. She left everything in the ring.

Becky says that’s all lovely and one day she might actually achieve her dreams but it won’t be until she retires. She’s holding onto that title for the foreseeable future because that’s what happens when you’re big time and Liv sure as Hell isn’t. Bianca Belair comes out next and says Becky isn’t the Est. of WWE. She’s sick of Becky’s hype and nobody’s buying it. She stepped aside for a while, took care of Doudrop, but now she’s back.

Becky says the two of them can create a support group for women who’ve lost to her, then says that already exists and it’s called the women’s locker room. Morgan asks how would she know, Lynch hasn’t been in the locker room in years. Morgan tells Bianca that she’s got some business with Becky, so would she mind leaving? Belair says her busines with Becky goes a lot further back than Liv’s, so she can be the one to leave.

Becky says this is great and all but the two of them need to figure this out between them. Liv and Bianca look at each other, then both attack Lynch. They throw the Champ out of the ring, then attack each other. Belair knocks Liv into the corner but Liv knocks her back with a kick. Liv jumps at Belair but gets caught, only for Lynch to return and hit Belair with the Manhandle Slam.

Seth Rollins is pondering backstage and Kevin Owens approaches. Rollins says he’s been wondering if he should staple Paul Heyman’s lips, rip his tongue out, or castrate him. Owens humours him for a minute, then asks what they’re going to do tonight. He says Lashley and Big E are still obstacles and they should stick to the plan they already had. If they can take Lashley and Big E out it doesn’t matter which of them wins. Whoever doesn’t win can help the other beat Brock Lesnar, then the two of them face-off at WrestleMania. Rollins laughs and says he loves it and they can definitely trust each other. Seth walks off and Owens asks if he’s lying.

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Women’s Tag Team Championship’s

(C) Queen Zelina & Carmella Vs. Rhea Ripley & Nikki A.S.H

Zelina starts with Ripley and slaps her across the face. Rhea slaps her right back, then hits her with a stalling vertical suplex – Carmella is standing on the floor with a new, black mask. Nikki tags in and hits a snapmare and a running neck snap to Zelina. A clothesline earns Nikki a two-count. Zelina holds to the ropes, then slings Nikki into them. Zelina grabs a sleeper on Nikki and holds her down. Nikki fights up but Zelina slams her down by the hair. Zelina knocks Ripley off the apron, then rolls- Nikki up for the win!

Winners: Queen Zelina & Nikki A.S.H

After the match Ripley looks annoyed and Nikki attempts to apologise to her while Zelina and Carmella walk to the back laughing.

We see a replay of Johnny Knoxville’s Instagram post in which he announced he is entering the Royal Rumble.

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The Mysterio’s announce their participation in this year’s Royal Rumble event. Rey says it may be every man for himself but the Mysterio’s are an unstoppable duo.

Street Profits Vs. Apollo Crews & Commander Azeez

Azeez starts with Ford and slings him to the corner but misses a tackle. Ford hits the ropes but Azeez catches him with a shoulder tackle. Azeez body slams Ford, then drops an elbow on him. Dawkins breaks a pin attempt, then Ford hits an enziguiri. Apollo and Dawkins tag in and Angelo knocks Azeez off the apron, then drops Apollo with a spinning elbow.

Dawkins hits a spinning underhook neckbreaker but Azeez breaks it up. Azeez is tossed over the ropes but he drags Dawkins out of the ring. The Commander lifts him up but Dawkins slides off and shoves Azeez into the ring post. Dawkins gets back inside and hits a spinebuster on Apollo. Ford gets the tag and hits From The Heavens for the win.

Winners: Street Profits

Damian Priest is interviewed backstage and asked about his upcoming match where he can’t get disqualified. Priest says everyone knows there’s a side of him that’s furious. That’s the side Ziggler wants to draw out but if he can stay cool, stay the priest, he can beat him. But if Damian is drawn out it will be a bad night for Dolph. Either way, Damian Priest remains Champion.

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Doudrop interrupts Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville and asks why she isn’t the number one contender. Pearce asks what she’s yelling about and she calls him grandpa. Doudrop says the WWE Universe is bored of the same women getting title opportunities. She demands she be given a chance. Deville says they don’t just hand out title opportunities, but they do give opportunities. Next week they’ll have a Triple Threat between Liv Morgan, Bianca Belair and Doudrop, and the winner faces Becky Lynch at the Royal Rumble.

United States Championship

(C) Damian Priest Vs. Dolph Ziggler

As the match begins, Ziggler avoids a lock-up and slaps Priest in the face. Ever the hot-head, Priest tosses Dolph into the corner and pummels him but stops himself at the 4-count. Ziggler rolls outside and Priest goes after him. Ziggler avoids a leg lariat and hits a tornado DDT off the barricade. Both guys are down as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and they’re trading blows. Priest catches Dolph with a flapjack, and looks to follow-up but Ziggler catches him with a running knee for a two-count. Dolph shoves Priest in the face and talks trash but Damian fires back with right hands and a flurry of kicks. Priest hits a dominator for a near-fall. Priest heads to the top rope but Bobby Roode shoves him off from out of nowehere. Ziggler hits a Fameasser and covers Priest but he kicks out!

Priest gets angry and drops Dolph, then goes out and beats Bobby Roode on the floor. The referee counts as Priest walks over and grabs a steel chair, he contemplates hitting Roode but gets back in the ring at nine. Ziggler begs Priest to hit him with the chair but he doesn’t. Roode gets on the apron and Priest throws the chair at his face, then Dolph catches him with the Zig-Zag… but he kicks out! Priest hits The Reckoning for the win.

Winner: Damian Priest

Vince McMahon is backstage on the phone and Austin Theory interrupts him. Theory aplogises and Vince tells him not to, apologising is a weakness and he never does it. Theory says he’s here to ask about a rematch with Finn Balor. Vince says he got beat by him but he made up for it by beating the Hell out of him backstage. That’s an admirable quality. If a man beats you, you have to get back at him somehow, no matter how conniving. Vince tells him to take a seat, then informs him he’ll be in this year’s Royal Rumble match. Theory’s beyond excited.

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The Miz and Maryse are in the ring as we return and we see highlights of his match with Edge on Saturday night – which Edge won. The Miz says they are outraged about the outcomes of their match. He was one moment away from beating Edge when they were interrupted. He reminds us that he is a two-time Grand Slam Champion in WWE and yet he supposedly has to earn respect against a one-time Grand Slam Champion in Edge.

When he hit Edge with the Skull Crushing Finale he saw the look of defeat in his eyes. And he was about to put him to bed when Beth Phoenix interfered. Edge stole a pathetic win over him but he deserved to lose and we all know it. Miz shows a replay of their wedding vow renewal ceremony, where Edge interrupted and doused them with a Broodbath. Miz says the fans only enjoyed that because their lives are so miserable.

Their negativity it doesn’t effect him and Maryse because true love always wins. Miz says he didn’t get into the ring with the Edge of old, the Hall of Famer, he was in there with a man who hid behind his wife. What kid of man does that? The fans chant “you” and Maryse says no, he would never do that because he is brave, courageous and handsome. Maryse says if Beth Phoenix was here tonight she’d punch her in the face.

Beth Phoenix comes to the stage and waits for her husband Edge, who gets a huge pop from the arena. Edge and Beth make their way to the ring where Miz and Maryse don’t look too happy. Beth asks Maryse to continue what she was aying. She does not. Edg says most people would take the L and move on but unfortunately he knows Miz better than that. He’s out here bitching and moaning and he doesn’t even have to explain how much of a hypocrite he is.

Edge says, for once, The Miz is at a loss for words and the crowd cheers. Edge says he doesn’t ask Beth to fight his battles. Beth says that was all her idea. Edge says Miz wants to rectify his loss, even though he would have lost regardless of Beth. Even so, he and Beth are crazy enough to give them want they want. The Rated R-Superstar and the Glamazon Vs. Miz and Mrs. at Royal Rumble. Miz asks if they’re serious and says him and Maryse accept and she looks horrified.

Kevin Patrick interviews Big E backstage and asks how motivated he is. Big E says being WWE Champion meant a lot to him and meant something to a lot of people as well. There’s no shame in losing to Brock Lesnar but he won’t wallow in self-pity or stay down. His next chapter will be his best and he has a chance to right the wrongs. He starts his journey back to the WWE Championship and he’ll be damned if there’s a soul that can stop him.

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AJ Styles Vs. Omos

The bell rings and they come face-to-face and Omos mocks his height. AJ chops at the leg with kicks but Omos throws him to the corner. AJ fights back before bailing from the ring. AJ tells Omos to bring it out of the ring and the big man starts to step over the ropes but AJ kicks his leg. Styles runs inside but Omos drops him with a big boot.

Omos sends AJ to the corner and hits him, then whips him to the opposite corner where AJ slides under the rope and connects with the ring post. Omos brings Styles back into the ring but AJ fires off with punches, elbpws and kicks. Omos scoops AJ up but the Phenomenal One slids down the back and kicks him. AJ goes to the apron and want the Phenomenal Forearm but Omos grabs him.

Styles counters by snapping Omos’s neck on the ropes, then jumps with the springboard but gets swatted out of mid-air. Omos lifts AJ above his head and drops him with a miliatary press. Omos lifts Styles back up and hits a huge choke bomb. Omos stares at his prey for a moment before draging him back and pinning him for the win.

Winner: Omos

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We see a replay of Extreme Rules four months ago, where Charlotte Flair beat Alexa Bliss and ripped her doll up. Next week we see Alexa’s journey back to RAW.

Kevin Owens is already in the ring, then Big E, Seth Rollins, and Bobby Lashley make their entrances for the main event.

Fatal 4-Way

Number One Contender Match

Kevin Owens Vs. Seth Rollins Vs. Big E Vs. Bobby Lashley W/MVP

The bell rings and Lashley clotheslines Rollins over the ropes, then Big E backs Owens into the corner. KO fights back while Lashley goes out and slams Rollins into the apron. Lashley gets Seth on his shoulders and runs him into the ring post. Big E sends Owens to the apron and spears him through the ropes. Big E and Lashley get in the ring together and start slugging.

Big E ducks under Lashley and leapfrogs him but gets caught with a clothesline. Lashley lifts Big E and hits a stalling suplex. Owens comes back into the ring and Lashley hits him, then lands a stalling suplex on him as well! Owens rolls out and leans on the barricade, so Lashley goes out and runs to tackl him but KO moves and he crashes through the barricade!

Rollins and Owens look to team-up again but Big E grabs Seth and hits a belly-to-belly on the floor. Big E then slams Owen’s head into the announce desk repeatedly. Big E clears the announce desk and looks to slam Owens through the desk but Rollins returns to stop him. Owens and Rollins run Big E into the ring post, then they lift Big E and powerbomb him through the announce desk!

*Commercial Break*

Back live and KO and Rollins are beating Lashley on the outside. They put him in the ring where Big E is lying in the corner. They beat both men in the corners and we see that KO hit a frog splash to Lashley off the apron during the break. Owens whips Seth into Lashley in the corner, then he follows-up with a cannonball. They look to do the same to Big E but he catches Seth with a urinage. Owens catches Big E with a superkick, then Lashley drops him with a slam.

Lashley and Big E exchange a look that says they’re going to team-up. Owens and Rollins both jump out of the ring and head over the barricade. Lashley and Big E chase the two of them up through the crowd and into the stadium concourse. They brawl around the merch stand until Lashley drops Rollins and Ownes hits him with a wet floor sign. Lashley stares down Owens but Big E grabs KO and slams him through the announce desk.

*Commercial Break*

We return to see Lashley and Big E brawling in the crowd. Rollins returns and attacks them but they team-up to beat him down again. As they’re fighting, Kevin Owens appears on the railing above them and his a swanton bomb onto Big E and Lashley. Owens and Rollins work together to get Big E back to the ring and Owens hits a swanton bomb, followed by a frog splash from Rollins but Big E kicks out.

Big E starts to get up but eats double superkicks. Big E grabs Rollins for a Big Ending but Owens stops it and hits a Pop-Up Powerbomb on Big E. Lashley returns and breaks the pin attempt and hits belly-to-belly suplexes on Rollins and Owens. Lashley goes outside and suplexes Owens on the floor. He gets back in and spears Big E as he’s attempting a Big Ending, then spears Rollins. Lashley avoisd an incoming KO and spears him for the win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley has earned a title shot against the Beast, Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble on January 29th. This is a huge, first-time ever match. We see Lesnar watching on a monitor backstage and Kevin Patrick asks if he has a comment. Brock smiles and says “tell Roman Reigns I’ll see on Friday at SmackDown.”

That’s it for this week’s RAW, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for the huge NXT: New Year’s Evil show. Until then, stay safe.

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