Brock Lesnar holds the distinction of being the man who took the WWE Title off both Kofi Kingston and Big E. Now The Beast Incarnate is WWE Champion once again, but the company already has his next move planned out.

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During Wresting Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer broke down the Day 1 event. It was said that the company’s apparent direction is to finally give fans that Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley feud fans and the All Mighty have wanted for so long.

“So with Lesnar as Champion the next step is Lesnar vs Lashley. You could tell as they teased that glare at the end. So, and the match was booked specifically for that direction, because Big E was the one who was pinned. Because if it wasn’t Big E who was pinned then you’d want to go with Lesnar vs Big E.”


It was said that the decision was made that “it would make a more marketable match,” so WWE is going with Lesnar and Lashley. There was another clue that this feud is finally coming, because Brock Lesnar F5’ed everyone in that fatal five-way match except Bobby Lashley. It appears this feud is finally happening, or at least they left the door wide open to gauge fan reaction.

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