WWE Day 1 is the company’s first pay-per-view of the year, and they could get things off with a bang. A big surprise could be in store as a very special guest seems to be in town.

Gable Steveson has been seen in Atlanta this weekend. Seeing that that is the site for the Day 1 PPV scheduled to go down tonight, many are speculating that Gable Steveson may or may not be debuting at the event in some capacity.

PW Insider broke the news that he was seen there, and although many were expecting his debut to be a little more down the line, it seems like he may be used in some capacity at the event. He has been seen a lot on WWE programming in recent months.

Gable’s brother, Bobby Steveson, aka Damon Kemp, recently started on 205 Live. It was while speaking with Ariel Helwani that Steveson made a few statements regarding his WWE future.


“I told [WWE] I wanted to go back and finish school and their number one priority was ‘You can do that.’ And so, I was like ‘let’s do a Name, Image, and Likeness deal’ because that came out in July. So, I told them that. Vince [McMahon], Nick Khan, and Triple H all said ‘Go ahead and win a national title. Regardless, everything will still be in place for you. We’ll do this, this, and this for you. You go back and get your degree and we’ll see you after that.’ So part of my deal is I can go onstage during my school year time, so that’s pretty cool too.”

On his brother, Gable said:

“[My brother] is older, he’s 25. [The WWE] just signed him a few weeks ago. He likes it a lot down there. He’s getting a hang of it. Bobby’s not a really big talker, he’s not a really big actor type. So, he’s kind of introverted. So, he’s got to bring out another side of him. I think he’s got it in him, we’ll see how he does at the NXT level. It’s just a matter of how he’s going to do it. He’s going to work hard and I think he has the tools to be the net star too…

He never really mentioned WWE until probably last year he wanted to get into. It’s all his decision. I think it was actually a great decision. He was randomly like ‘I want to try it out. I’m not wrestling with the [Minnesota Golden] Gophers anymore, I want to go try it out.’ So he got a hold of Heyman and Triple H, and those guys. And now he’s getting a shot at the Performance Center. But it is cool that we’re both in the business.”

Another possible spoiler for Day 1 is Omos. He too was spotted in Atlanta. Despite the controversy surrounding his not being on Raw this week, it seems as though he too might be making an appearance, but time will tell. Stay tuned for the Day 1 PPV, and we’ll see if these spoilers come to fruition. We’ll keep you posted, readers.

H/T Wrestling Inc.

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