Big Swole slammed AEW’s lack of diversity, calling it the company’s largest fault aside from structure, to which Tony Khan responded. TK retaliated in way that sparked a lot of debate, and Lio Rush is furious about it. Big Swole’s contract expired, according to Tony Khan, because she wasn’t good enough.

Lio Rush responded with vehement retweet. He didn’t express exactly what was bothering him at first, but it was evident that the Man of the Hour has something to say.

If nobody says something, then I will. Because this is f*cked up and now I’m pissed.

Many fans started a discussion about AEW’s roster and its diversity. Thanks to this trending topic, Will Hobbs also weighed in on AEW‘s lack of diversity. After attempting to move past comments about diversity in AEW, Tony Khan was dragged by fans.


The heartbreaking conclusion to the lengthy and bitter battle in the horrific slaughter street brawl was recently posted by AEW. Tony Khan chimed in on the match by retweeting it and sharing his thoughts. However, fans were also waiting for him on that post.

A user commented: “Bro until you apologize or admit to some wrong doing nobody wants to hear from you.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “@TonyKhan you need to apologize to @SwoleWorld you where wrong.”

A third one chimed in: “Stop complaining…let it go & move on. Blowing shit out of proportion as always. Respect his opinion. Blood, sweat, tears, & very long hours has been put into this. Diversity has been there and will only continue to improve as the months go on.”

A fourth user noted: “It was fantastic Tony, but there’s also something else you might want to touch on.”

He congratulated Tay Conti and Anna Jay on their victory in the AEW Rampage NYE Street Fight and thanked them for their hard work. TK talked about how their rivalry has spanned major events like All Out and Grand Slam, and how it culminated in a classic at New Years Smash last night. Fans however, want to know more about the lack of diversity talks. They slammed him for ignoring it and changing the subject.

You can check out an assortment of tweets below.

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