Drew McIntyre is certainly one of the top Superstars in WWE as he cemented himself as one of the main draws in the past couple of years. He is a former two-time WWE Champion and was the face of the company during the pandemic era as the WWE Champion. 2022 might be another banner year for the Scottish Warrior.

The top match at upcoming WWE home shows has been modified from six-man tag bouts to singles matches, and the direction of the top storyline on WWE SmackDown following Day 1 is becoming more evident.

Drew McIntyre was set for six-man tag fights at home shows with The New Day versus Roman Reigns and The Usos. The top bouts for the January events now have been modified, with Drew McIntyre facing the victor of the Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns Universal Title contest on Day 1 of the house shows.

McIntyre believes he was denied a title shot when he was left out of the Black Friday battle royal a few weeks ago. While the card for McIntyre vs. the Universal Champion is subject to change, this suggests that Roman Reigns will retain the title on Saturday at Day 1 and defend it against McIntyre at the Royal Rumble PPV. Because Lesnar does not have a house show schedule, McIntyre vs. Lesnar is unlikely to materialize next month.


The Reigns-Lesnar feud will not finish on Saturday, according to Dave Meltzer, since they have one more match booked for WrestleMania in Dallas. Since the promotion wants to protect the important matches, Reigns has been kept off house events this week. The Universal Title match at WWE Day 1 is vital to the angle’s development.

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