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Tonight’s NXT 2.0 will feature a few important match-ups, but the biggest news of the night will undoubtedly be the first-ever appearance of AJ Styles on the brand. It was announced last night that Styles would appear, shortly after getting turned on by Omos, and Grayson Waller was quick to jump on the chance to goad the Phenomenal One. It’s unclear why AJ is coming to NXT, and if he’s going to be there more than one week, but it’s exciting nonetheless.

As for the matches tonight, Raquel Gonzalez will fight Dakota Kai in a Street Fight with both women aiming to end their feud once-and-for-all; Pete Dunne challenges Tony D’Angelo; Trick Williams faces Dexter Lumis; and the Grizzled Young Veterans will tackle The Creed Brothers, representing the Diamond Mine. Von Wagner is also set to appear on the show, after his claims that nobody will stand in his way.

That’s the preview for tonight’s NXT. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!



This week’s NXT 2.0 begins with the NXT Champion, Tommaso Ciampa, already standing in the ring.

Ciampa says he has some stuff to get off his chest. Usually, as the NXT Champion, you’d be the hunted. But as NXT Champion, he’s a little different. He’s the hunter. And last week he hunted Bron Breakker. He knows Bron is likely to come out any second demanding an explanation, so come on out and they can do it face-to-face. Breakker makes his way to the ring.

Ciampa tells the announcer not to give Bron a microphone because there’s no point, we already know everything he’s going to say. At WarGames Breakker made a statement, he pinned the NXT Champion. He earned a shot at the title on the big stage. So how about on January 4th, New Year’s Evil, they run it back? That’s what Breakker is thinking and Ciampa agrees, he definitely deserves it. He just needs to hope he doesn’t drown like he did the first time.

In two weeks he gets his second chance and last time he exposed him for his inexperience in the ring, and in life. There’s no replacement for time or experience. Yeah, Breakker has all the tools but he’s not ready to be a Champion in Ciampa’s NXT. Think of guys like Sami Zayn, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, and Tommaso Ciampa. Guys who spent ten to twenty years perfecting their craft before they became NXT Champion. Meanwhile Bron has ten to twenty matches. He’s doing great but he’s not ready for the bright lights and the weight of the world on his shoulders. It’s too much too soon.

Look at what happened at Halloween Havoc, one mistake cost him. In Bron’s fantasy world there’s nothing better than walking out at Champion on January 4th, he can take the title home to the family and they can all bark together. He did it! But then reality hits – Ciampa slaps Breakker across the face. Breakker grabs him by the throat and lifts him into the air, but drops him and grabs the NXT Championship. Bron tells him blood is in the water and the shark will eat him alive in two weeks.

We see a video of Grayson Waller at the beach. He says he was a huge fan of AJ Styles but he’s hanging on too long. He should get a haircut, it only costs $20, because he looks like Waller’s mum. He says he might just take the phenomenal name for himself.

Raquel Gonzalez is walking backstage and Dakota Kai rushes at her with a production case but she avoids it. They brawl around trash cans and girders and Gonzalez blocks a shot with a steel pipe. Raquel catches Dakota as she attempts a Frankensteiner and whips her into a girder. Raquel hoists Dakota up and runs her into a cage, then attempts it again but Kai slides off and shoves her into it. Kai pump kicks Raquel in the face and grabs a chair.

Gonzalez lifts a steel girder and runs Kai backwards into a steel frame. Raquel lifts Dakota and drops her on a production box, then follows her as she retreats. Gonzalez tries to squash Dakota using a production case but she avoids it, then kai throws a trash can into her face. Kai kicks Raquel in the face a few times, then smiles as she stumbles over to a plastic table. Kai sets the table up but Raquel wipes her out with a dolly, then puts her on it and runs her into a garage door. Kai flees outdoors and Raquel chases after her as we head to the break.

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We’re back live and the two women have found their way to the ringside area. They fight right the way around the ring, slamming ieach other into the steps. Kai is tossed onto the apron but she kicks Raquel. She then stomps Raquel’s face into the steel steps. Dakota gets a table in the ring but Gonzalez flapjacks her into a chair. Raquel leans a table in the corner. Kai jumps at Raquel but gets caught in mid-air, then sends Raquel over the top rope with a Frankensteiner.

Kai goes out and puts a trash can over Raquel’s torso and hits a double stomp from the apron. Kai stays on the offence for a minute until Raquel lifts her and powerbombs her onto the steel steps! That go a “holy $hit” chant from the crowd. Kai slaps Rauqel, so Gonzalez angrily throws her back into the ring. Kai kicks Raquel in the face but eats a big boot. Gonzalez lifts Kai and hits the Chingona bomb onto a trash can for the win!

Winner: Raquel Gonzalez

After the match, Raquel grabs a microphone and says she’s sick and tired of waiting. She wants Mandy Rose and a rematch for the Women’s Championship right now. She won’t leave the ring until she gets it!

*Commercial Break*

Raquel is still waiting in the ring but she doesn’t get Mandy Rose, she gets Cora Jade. On her way to the ring, Jade congratulates Raquel and says she wants Mandy every bit as bad as Gonzalez does. Mandy Rose and the others tried to rip her arm out of the socket, so the only way to destroy Toxic Attraction is to cut the head off the snake. Raquel says Cora has balls and she admires her but the title picture is a one-woman race. And she’ll be happy to go through anyone to get her title back.

Jade says not if she gets there first. Mandy Rose appears on the screen, sitting by a swimming pool. She says they’re ejalous of her and how she’s t ransformed the women’s division. Seeing as it’s Christmas, she’s feeling merry, so at New Year’s Evil she’ll face them both in a Triple Threat. So she can beat two uglies in one night. Suddenly, Gigi Dolan and Jacy Jayne appear behind Cora and Raquel and hit them with kendo sticks. Gonzalez is thrown through the table in the corner.

Joe Gacy appears on the screen with Harland behind him. He thanks NXT for the opportunity to apologise. He says Harland is a sensitive, humble man and he’s too broken-up about what he did to Brian Kendrick last week to speak. Kendrick said something that triggered Harland and reminded him of when he used to be bullied. They were doing as they were told and Kendrick puts his hands on Harland, so he has no-one to blame but himself. He hopes everyone can learn and grow from this event.

The Grizzled Young Veterans are sitting backstage and James Drake is watching footage of the Creed Brothers He’s shocked by their strength and athleticism. Gibson says they’re great athletes but they don’t have the brains. That’s how they’re going to win, next!

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Indi Hartwell is backstage warming-up and in walks Persia Pirotta and says their match has been postponed. Grayson Waller appears and Indi calls him a douche for what he did to Johnny Gargano. He tells her they’re both Australian and she should relax. Persia says he should be more concerned with AJ Styles and he laughs it off, then tells Indi he kicked Gargano out of NXT. And that’s “the way” NXT will move forward. Persia holds Indi back as Grayson leaves laughing.

The Creed Brothers Vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

We start with Julius Creed and Zack Gibson. Creed gets shot into the ropes but catches Gibson with a fireman’s carry. Julius takes a wristlock and tags Brutus and they double-team Gibson. Brutus almost immediately tags back out and Julius whips Gibson into a fireman carry from Brutus. Zack fights back and tags Drake so they can hit a double team axe handle to the back.

The GYV make more tags to isolate and duble-team Julius but he eventually suplexes Gibson. Drake tags in, punches Julius, but Brutus blind-tags in and they take him down for some knees to the gut. Brutus hits a gutwrench powerbomb for a two-count, then covers but Gibson breaks it up. Gibson distracts Brtus, allowing Drake to kick him out of the ring. Gibson hits a backbreaker while Drake jumps over the ropes onto Brutus. Jacket Time appear with a table as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Jacket Time are doing their own commentary. Drake tags in and clocks Brutus with a discus lariat. Brooks and Jensen appear on the ramp to watch proceedings. Brutus fights up and tags Julius, who runs through Drake with a knee tackle, knocks Gibson off the apron, and dropkicks Drake. He tags Brutus and they hit a double team powerslam for a near-fall.

Brutus is knocked from the ring and he punches Gibson but Drake wipes him out with a suicide dive. Drake grabs Brutus and wants to powerbomb him through Jacket Time’s table but Julius comes around and stops them. Brutus then looks to powerbomb Gibson through the table but Ikemen Jiro and Kushida run around to stop them. Gibson and Drake shove the Creed’s into Jakcet Time and they start brawling.

No Contest

Grizzled Young Veterans, The Creed Brothers, Brooks and Jensen, and Jacket Time all fight around ringside as referees try to separate them.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are interviewed backstage. Trick says he isn’t afraid of Dexter Lumis, but Lumis appears on the screen near them and they run off.

*Commercial Break*

Earlier today, Io Shirai and Zoey Stark were in the trainer’s room and Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza came in and started aggravating them. Elektra Lopez then got in Shirai’s face and they’re going to have a match tonight.

Dexter Lumis Vs. Trick Williams W/Carmelo Hayes

Lumis scares Trick at the outset, then catches a kick and shoves him back to the corner. Trick tries to run out of the ring but Dexter grabs him and takes him down. Lumis applies a submission and we see Diamond Mine watching from the platform above the CWC. Trick fights up and hits a dropkick to Lumis, then tries to keep him down with punches and mat slams.

Trick tosses Lumis to the floor and tries to hit a baseball slide but Lumis catches him inside the ring apron and batters him. Carmelo gets in Lumis’s face but he isn’t worried and gives him a thumbs up. Roderick Strong then jumps Hayes from behind and they fight off through the crowd. Lumis tries to get back in the ring but Trick kicks the bottom rope into his face. Trick beats on Lumis and hits a falcon arrow for a one-count.

Lumis makes a comeback with punches and a bulldog out of the corner. Dexter hits a back suplex and then a leaping leg drop for a two-count. Lumis runs at Trick in the corner but gets kicked away. Trick attempts to clothesline Dexter but gets caught with The Silence and taken down. Trick tries to fight and hit Lumis with his soe but he passes out.

Winner: Dexter Lumis

After the match, Lumis is posing under blue lights when Grayson Waller appears behind him and cracks him with a chair in the back. The screen cuts to the parking lot where a black SUV rolls up and out steps AJ Styles! He’s on his way to the ring and Grayson Waller takes a seat on the chair.

*Commercial Break*

Grayson Waller is on the microphone. He says he can’t stand when people get inducted in the Hall of Fame and thank everyone, including the fans, as if their opinion really matters. When he gets inducted, he’s going to say “you’re welcome”, because he has told us all that he is the guy. When his music hits, the crowd get on their feet.

AJ Styles’s music htis and the Phenomenal One makes his first-ever entrance in NXT. The fans chant for Styles and Waller mockingly introduces him. Waller says AJ just felt the Grasywon Waller effect. Styles says he can shut up now. AJ says this is the guy everyone is talking about, the biggest jackass in NXT? He’s saw his social media posts and asks if he feels popular now? Waller says of course he does, he went from a kid with potential to the Superstar.

Waller asks AJ why he’s really here? Is he here to be the veteran that helps the new guy? Or because his meal ticket just dumped him and he needs a new meal ticket on RAW? He appreciates the offer but he’s more of a singles guy. AJ says he isn’t the one who called him out on Twitter. And he’s saw some of his matches, he’s seen his one elbow pad and that reminds him of himself.

AJ gets it, he’s good and he’s cocky, but a future Superstar? He’s not sure. Styles says Bron Breakker, Carmelo Hayes, Cora Jade, they’re all future Superstars but Waller… the jury is still out. He’s rather look good and lose, than look bad and win. Waller asks AJ if he saw WarGames and says he carried the team to a win. AJ says he thought wins and losses didn’t matter, isn’t it all about the swipes and likes?

Waller reminds AJ that Omos isn’t here and he could take him out right now. Styles says Waller’s had a good few weeks and he thinks he’s the man, how about he be phenomenal for twenty years? AJ tells him to hit him and Waller removes his shirt, then bails from the ring. Waller says he’ll let Omos destroy Styles first, then he can get seconds. Waller leaves with a grin on his face.

Diamond Mine is backstage and Malcolm Bivens says they’re tired of hearing Carmelo Hayes, so how about they do Champion Vs. Champion at New Year’s Evil? Roderick Strong tells Hayes he has two weeks to find his balls. Bivens says “merry Christmas ho…..ho ho.

*Commercial Break*

Riddle is still hanging with MSK. All three are outside with their scooters and Riddle is trying to explain to them the metaphor behind the scooter. He says he’s their shaman bro but they’re teaching him a lot as well. He’s going to be using some of their wisdom with Randy, and he gives them RK-Bro merch. Riddle says the only thing left to do is call-out Imperium on next week’s show and he’ll be there with them.

All three ride their scooters around outside until Riddle gets hit by a car! Suddenly MSK wake-up outside, back waiting for their bus and they think they’ve just been really high. They realise it wasn’t because they still have the RK-Bro gear, then the bus pulls-up and Riddle gets off the bus. He snaps his fingers and three scooters appear. They excitedly ride off but stop when they see a car.

Von Wagner Vs. Edris Enofe

The match gets underway and Enofe runs across the ring to dropkick Wagner, then hits another. He attempts a crossbody but Wanger catches him and body slams him. Robert Stone apepars at ringside and Wagner is distracted, allowing Enofe to roll him up for a near-fall. Wagner clobbers Enofe with a clothesline, then right hands. Enofe ends-up hitting a sunset flip for the win!

Winner: Edris Enofe

Enofe leaves the ring after the match but Wagner runs out and clotheslines him. Wagner gets him back in the ring and hits an Angle Slam, then slams him again and talks trash as the referee reappears to try and get him away. Wagner leaves and shoulders Stone as he passes.

Imperium is interviewed backstage and they say they destroyed MSK and left them in sucha state that they haven’t been on NXT in months. And now they need Riddle to try and enlighten them. They may have found their shaman but they have the General.

*Commercial Break*

Elktra Lopez W/Legado Del Fantasma Vs. Io Shirai

The match gets underway and Elektra takes control early and tries to keep Io grounded with a sleeper. Io fights up and lands a few dropkicks, then a 619 and goes up top for a missile dropkick. Shirai goes to the top rope again but gets knocked off. Both women are down and out comes Xyon Quinn. Wilde and Mendoza rush at him but one gets thrown into the barricade.

The other gets thrown up into the air and lands with a thud. Quinn pulls out a stalk of misletoe and gets on the apron. Lopez walks towards him and they’re about to kiss when Santos Escobar rips Quinn off the apron, only to get thrown into the steel steps himself. Shirai spins Lopez around and uppercuts her, then goes up top and hits a moonsaul for the win.

Winner: Io Shirai

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are backstage and Trick accept Roderick Strong’s challenge to a Champion Vs. Champion match at New Year’s Evil. He says he’ll be walking out with two belts!

*Commercial Break*

Brian Kendrick appears on the screen wearing a neck brace, and he says he saw Joe Gacy and Harland earlier. They think he should apologise to Harland and he thought about that. So today he resigned as a coach – Kendrick rips the neck brace off – and says he wants to see them in the ring next week.

Pete Dunne Vs. Tony D’Angelo

The main event gets underway and Dunne takes the wrist. Tony breaks free and they lock-up again, this time D’Angelo gets wrist control. Dunne flips free but Tony scrambles to the rope to force the break. He drops Dunne with a right hand, then Pete leap frogs him but gets caught with a reckless back suplex. Dunne chops the chest a few times and grabs a guillotine.

D’Angelo throws Dunne off, then beats him around the ring. Tony hits two German suplexes but Dunne lands on his feet from a third suplex, then hits an enziguiri to send Tony to the apron. Dunne knocks him off with a dropkick, then goes to the apron and hits a knee drop onto D’Angelo’s hands. Tony is reeling as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Dunne is working on the fingers and shoulder joint of D’Angelo. Pete grabs the wrist and kicks his face a few times. Tony gets up but Pete chops his chest repeatedly until D’Angelo hits a football tackle. D’Angelo clotheslines Dunne in the corner, then hits a northern lights suplex. He looks to transition to his finish but Dunne catches his arm and gets him in a triangle choke.

Tony slowly deadlifts Dunne off the mat and thrwos him overhead. D’Angelo drags Dunne to the corner and clubs him, then hits a suplex into the turnbuckles. D’Angelo wastes time taunting and Dunne clocks him with an enziguiri. Dunne hits a knee drop to the elbow, then dropkicks him. Dunne with a penalty kick, then repeated stomps to the face. They trade punches on their knees and Dunne lands a kick to the head and stomp to the digits.

D’Angelo counters a suplex and hits a falcon arrow for a near-fall. Both men are down and Tony crawls to the steel steps where he pulls out a crowbar. He looks to hit Dunne with it but gets taken down with an armbar. Dunne bends the fingers but Tony fish-hooks the mouth to get free. Tony rips the gumshield out and runs Pete face-first into the buckles. Tony wants a spinning neckbreaker but Dunne blocks it and hits the Bitter End for the win!

Winner: Pete Dunne

After the match, D’Angelo looked to sneak attack Dunne but gets caught and kicked out of the ring. Dunne goes after him but Tony slings him into the announce desk, then hits a spinning neckbreaker on the floor. Tony grabs the crowbar and holds Dunne over the desk with it, then smashes his fingers with it! Tony stands tall over Dunne to end the show.

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, merry Christmas and stay safe.

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