Due to the COVID-19 pandemic taking over the world last year, the world of professional wrestling was severely affected. This included WWE, as they had to produce shows in the Performance Center. The company, later on, moved to the ThunderDome, a traveling virtual fan environment. Since the pandemic is far from over, they might have to make a return.

WWE held numerous shows and pay-per-views at the Amway Center and then they had to move to the Tropicana Field. The ThunderDome era ended back in July of this year as live audiences made their return to WWE programming.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, there is a chance that WWE might have to go back to using the ThunderDome again in Florida if the state issues any mandates about COVID-19 again. However, both WWE and AEW are confident no mandates will be issued. AEW can always go back to Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, but WWE could find another ThunderDome home.

“I think they’re both going to be pretty confident that Florida will not issue any mandates under any circumstance. Obviously, AEW can go back to Jacksonville and WWE can go back to someplace in Florida. You can always do the Performance Center. The problem is that if you put RAW and SmackDown in front of 300 people again those numbers will crater. So, it’s a bad situation and AEW’s numbers will hurt too.”


“I don’t know if they’re crater as well. They did okay numbers in Jacksonville. Obviously, if there’s no other choice, then yeah we can go through that again. The ThunderDome thing, I mean they did better in the ThunderDome than the Performance Center, so I think that in that sense WWE could look at a ThunderDome again and try to take residency in a building, but it’s hard because, I guess you could do the baseball stadium, because baseball isn’t starting for months, so I guess they’ll go to the Tampa baseball stadium and set up.”

Both WWE and AEW suffered greatly due to the pandemic and it has only been a few months since live crowds have returned, so for them to have left again would be very bad for business. We will keep you updated on this ongoing story.

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