Matt Hardy has a wealth of experience and knowledge about professional wrestling. He has put in nearly thirty years’ worth of work inside the squared circle. Hardy has been one of the most adaptable and versatile talents the sport has ever seen. He will leave lasting legacy after his in-ring days are over.

His current run with AEW has him leading the Hardy Family Office. The stable is a group of new stars such as Private Party and The Butcher and the Blade. Hardy is already showing signs that he has a knack for mentoring wrestlers on the rise.

During an interview with Essentially Sports, Matt talked about just that. He said he believes there is a future for him in the industry after he’s finished taking bumps. He sees himself as a future producer.

“Whenever I finish my in-ring career, which obviously, I have a lot less years left than I do behind me, but I would definitely see myself being a producer or someone involved in the creative process. At the end of the day, pro wrestling is my passion. I want to wrestle in the ring as long as I can, as long as my body will physically let me.


Once that is said and done, I can still be involved and contribute by being a producer and you’re still able to live out your passion to some degree.”

Matt Hardy has recently been more active on Twitter than he has on AEW television. He has shown great support for his brother, Jeff Hardy. Matt has even teased a possible Hardy Boyz reunion in AEW.

After years of taking beatings and travelling the world, Matt Hardy would be an excellent choice as a producer. His immense knowledge of the inner workings of the industry and vast in-ring experience confirm that. Sometime in the future, fans might see Matt practicing his wrestling expertise in a different way.

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Michael Perry

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