Cora Jade is considered one of the future superstars of WWE’s NXT brand. She has been prominently placed in a program with NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose. An injury angle allowed her to build sympathy with audiences, and her performance in the recent women’s WarGames match had fans buzzing.

Darby Allin has been one of the pillars of AEW since the company’s inception. His real lifestyle is magnified for the cameras, but he’s a legitimate pro skateboarder. He was also among those accused of misconduct during the #SpeakingOut movement.

Recently, he made some comments about Cora’s gimmick where she carries a skateboard. He said Jade was a fake skateboarder, one of the cardinal sins in skate culture. Cora clapped back with an epic burn of her own on Twitter.

“Being a good person with no abuse allegations against me is a huge part of my life and not just a character I play on TV.”


Both posts were ultimately deleted. It didn’t happen before fans got a hold of screenshots of the exchange. They quickly went to town on Allin. Many laughed at the fact that an inexperienced 20 year old wrestler was so quick to verbally destroy one of AEW’s most beloved babyfaces.

“Cora Jade hitting Darby Allin with that Rick James flow.”

“Cora Jade owns Darby Allin. That’s why we all love Cora Jade.”

“Darby Allin called Cora Jade a fake skateboarder then she started rapping the opening verse to Hit Em Up lmao.”

“Oh cool, Darby Allin is trending, something cool must have happened at Winter is coming.. nope it’s just him getting bodied by a 20 year old NXT star. Cora Jade>>> Darby Allin”

The tweets have been deleted, but fans don’t seem to care. Darby Allin appears to have lost this one. Cora Jade might have made a lot of new fans based on the online reaction to her burn.

WWE wants NXT to become slightly edgier. It will be interesting to see if any of this is referenced on Tuesday night’s NXT 2.0. You can check out even more fan tweets below!

What do you think of Twitter’s reaction to Cora Jade’s comments about Darby Allin? Share your opinion in the comments!

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