Kurt Angle had his legendary run with WWE, TNA and Japan with 14 professional wrestling world titles. The former Olympic Gold Medalist runs his own podcast and in a recent episode, he spoke about a top TNA star who turned down WWE offer years ago.

During the latest episode of The Kurt Angle Show, Kurt Angle talked about his friend James Storm. He revealed why the TNA star never came to WWE on a full-time contract. Storm had an incredibly short run with NXT but left the WWE soon afterwards.

According to Storm, he believed that he was being underpaid. So, he demanded a new offer with more money. Eventually they couldn’t reach an agreement. Kurt Angle further revealed that the company never reached out again after he turned down their first offer.

“A few years ago, Triple H offered him a deal, starting out in NXT and James didn’t like the money figure so he refused it and Triple H never contacted him again. I know that James tried to reach back and see if they were still interested but for some reason, the company wasn’t interested. I don’t know if they were turned off because James turned down the deal, I don’t know what the situation was but they should’ve contacted James again. James should be in WWE but I’m not sure why he isn’t.”


Kurt Angle also revealed that Storm only had this one issue which is the tendency to sometimes be lazy. Despite his laziness, his performances and his consistency were off the charts. He strongly believes that Storm would’ve been incredibly successful in WWE, especially during the Attitude Era.

Ringside News exclusively reported in October 2020 that WWE was planning to bring Storm in. Then the pandemic struck and there was no need for his services on the road. He later confirmed our story. We’ll have to see if he circles back around to Vince McMahon’s company, but they haven’t been able to work out a lasting deal thus far.

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